Winter ’19 Release

Find & Nurture Leads

Engagement Studio Enhancements:

  • Repeating Programs (Generally Available)Allow your prospects to enter a program more than once! With Repeating Programs it’s easier than ever to remind prospects of recurring events, renewals, and other recurring activities.
  • Copy & Paste Program Steps
    When building an engagement program, Marketers frequently use the same few steps over and over again. Now, Marketers can get their programs out the door even faster by copying & pasting up to 10 selected steps right from within the Engagement Studio canvas.
  • Date Filtering on Reporting Tab
    See how your program performed during a particular period so you can optimize your programs over time.
  • User Role Permission Updates
    Pardot User Roles have a new Engagement Studio custom user role permission for the ability to Start/Pause/Resume a program. This gives marketing the ability create approval processes.

Copy Custom Redirects
Just like other marketing assets, easily duplicate an existing custom redirect to track unique link clicks.

Send Non-Marketing Emails
Pardot does not send emails to prospects who have opted out unless an Admin files a support ticket. With the new operational email feature, admins can now directly send non-marketing communications to prospects, even if they have unsubscribed from marketing emails, that belong to one of these categories:

  1. Shipping information, invoices, order confirmations or delay notifications
  2. Password resets
  3. Notices of critical system changes or system status that require a user’s action
  4. Legally required notifications or internal communications

Pardot In-App Help Updates
Need some tips and tricks while you’re building out your programs? Look for and hover over the instructional tooltips icon to learn more about that feature directly within Pardot.

Pardot Google Ads Parallel Tracking
Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is transitioning fully to Parallel Tracking on October 30, a feature that “helps load your landing page more quickly which can reduce lost visits.” With Google Ads Parallel Tracking, Pardot’s previous custom tracking template will no longer be supported and must be replaced with Pardot’s “Final URL suffix.”

Pardot Facebook Connector Updates
Facebook released updates to their API as of August 1, 2018. With this update, Pardot users will no longer be able to post to personal Facebook profiles using the Pardot Facebook connector. However, marketers can still post to Facebook company pages.

Pardot UI Gets a Makeover
We updated the Pardot user interface to the most recent version of Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS). This update slightly enhanced the UI. The biggest change is that notification alerts have changed from blue to gray.

Close More Deals

Pardot in Lightning (Generally Available)
Pardot in Lightning delivers a single platform experience for marketing and sales teams. The app is no longer a single tab, so gone are the days of using Pardot in a separate window. The app has all-new navigation and layout tailored for Lightning Experience.

Create Salesforce Campaign Members from Prospects
Along with Connected Campaigns, prospects associated with Pardot campaigns can now sync to connected Salesforce campaigns as campaign members. Turn on both Connected Campaigns and Member Sync to find Pardot-sourced prospects (first touch) in your Salesforce campaigns. When you turn them into contacts, we tell you which campaign influenced the deal. Check out “3 Ways To Make the Most of Connected Campaigns” to learn how our Trailblazers are taking advantage of these features!

Easily Opt In Opted-Out Prospects Synced to Salesforce
Easily opt synced prospects back into Pardot emails. Now, Pardot admins can allow users to overwrite a prospect’s opt-out status.

Engage Compatible with New Gmail UI
Engage for Gmail is now compatible with the new Gmail UI as well as the classic Gmail UI.

Queue All Prospects to Sync
Now, when a Pardot prospect custom field is created and mapped to a Salesforce field, a pop up will give the option to queue all prospects to sync, thus backfilling the newly created field’s values from Salesforce. That means no support tickets are needed to complete the full system sync.

Pardot Update to Salesforce API
With the update to version 42, Pardot customers are now able to map all custom objects and fields that have been released over the last 10 Salesforce API releases. This exposes a number of objects and fields for mapping to Pardot that were previously not available, including the Individuals object.

Moving forward Pardot will automatically keep parity with Salesforce’s API version. With this, you will have access to all of your CRM data in Pardot.

Maximize ROI

B2B Marketing Analytics Dashboard Enhancements
We’ve enhanced a few things on the B2B Marketing Analytics dashboards so that you get the right information when you need it. The Account-Based Marketing dashboard now excludes Pardot opportunities that aren’t synced to a Salesforce opportunity or account. More descriptive labels and formula updates appear in the Pipeline and Multi-Touch Attribution dashboards.