Winter ‘18 Release

June 13 – October 16, 2017


Repeat Automation Rules

Pardot Automation Rules now have repeat functionality allowing users to determine if an Automation Rule should be allowed to match a prospect more than once. Use cases include triggering automatic score depreciation, driving customer renewal notifications, routing form submissions based on values, and more.


Engage for Outlook

Engage for Outlook is an integration with Lightning for Outlook that allows users to enable tracking for increased visibility into which prospects engage with emails sent from their inbox. This engagement data is pushed into Engage Alerts, Engage Reports, and Engage Team Reports so reps can reach out the moment a prospect shows interest. Users can also view a contact’s lead score and engagement history from their inbox, so they can send more relevant emails. You can use all of this alongside Salesforce functionality like creating tasks, inserting Salesforce templates, and viewing matching records (leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, custom objects) from Salesforce for the contacts you’re emailing.

Salesforce Engage Team Reports

Engage Team Reports will allow sales managers, marketers, and admins to have insight into the effectiveness of Engage emails, usage and impact for their teams, as well as individual reps. Engage Team reports allows you to analyze data from the emails your reps send from Engage for Gmail, Engage for Outlook and Engage Campaigns to monitor the success of campaigns with in-depth email analytics from within Salesforce. Track metrics like the overall send, open, click, unsubscribe, and bounce rates are for individual emails, and which Engage sends and Pardot templates are driving the most opens and clicks.

Salesforce Engage Campaign Personalization Preview

We’re also excited to announce the launch of Preview Variable Tags in Engage Campaigns. With the ability to preview variable tags, your reps will be able to preview their email as the selected recipient.


B2B Marketing Analytics Email Template Dataset

Pardot Email Template data is available to all users in B2B Marketing Analytics as an out-of-the-box Pardot Email Templates dataset and an Email Templates section on the existing Engagement Dashboard.

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