Winter ‘17 Release

June 14 – October 17, 2016


General Availability of Pardot Engagement Studio — B2B Marketing Automation Reimagined

We are excited to announce the general availability of Pardot Engagement Studio, enabling B2B marketers with an entirely new way to build, visualize, test and measure 1-to-1 buyer journeys on one canvas. Engagement Studio is a B2B marketing team’s command center — a place to manage all touchpoints with prospects and customers. Now, companies can do everything from lead generation to nurturing to reporting on marketing ROI in one place, and on one central canvas. Engagement Studio is Salesforce’s latest step in our journey to help customers align their sales and marketing teams to sell smarter together.

Engagement Studio Program Locking

When multiple Users are editing an Engagement Studio program, changes to the flow or steps within the program can be lost or overwritten. This can be frustrating to be uncertain if your changes are being properly saved. To safeguard against this, we’ve now added locking to Engagement Studio programs similar to what you’re use to in our simplified email saving process to prevent multiple Users from editing the same Engagement Program at the same time. When a User is editing an Engagement Studio program, the Program will become locked.

Engagement Studio Trigger Wait Time

Engagement Studio triggers give you the power to send your prospects to the next stages of your buying cycle in real time — the program takes action right when your prospects do. We’ve now added wait times to Engagement Studio triggers — customers can now specify a ‘wait’ period on triggers that will hold prospects on that step before moving them to the next stage in the flow.

A/B Email Toggling

A/B testing is one of the most effective ways to figure out what’s working in your marketing campaigns and what isn’t, and A/B Toggling makes this process even easier. Now, once you’ve determined which version is performing better in your test, you can easily pick the version that you want to keep (using a thumbnail preview and the subject line) and use the toggle turn the test the off. Also, you have more control when you copy an A/B test, with the option to copy either version or keep both. The copy dialogue will help you choose the right one by showing you which is the winner alongside other information about the email versions you are copying. Interested in learning more?

Now, we’re no longer forcing these line breaks and instead allowing you to decide when a line break should occur in your Text versions of emails.

Enhanced Social Posting

While Pardot has allowed posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for several years and a series of enhancements now make it easy to include images on social posts, to ensure those images render beautifully across all social channels, and to track the outcome of social posts.

Longer Social Posts to Facebook and LinkedIn

Previously, all social posting messages were restricted to the Twitter limit of 140 characters. Now, the limit is based on the most restrictive social account you have chosen to post to including 4000 characters for Facebook, 700 characters for LinkedIn, or 140 characters for Twitter.

Customizable Prospects Table

The Prospects table is now similar to the enhanced List Email Stats report, allowing for a customizable Prospects table to personalize which columns are displayed or hidden. Columns include default and custom columns where a User will be able to choose from up to 10 custom fields to include in the grid, resize columns, move columns, custom export, and sorting of columns.

New Prospect View: Prospects not in Salesforce

A new predefined view for your prospects table is now available to easily identify those prospects not in Salesforce.

Monthly Inactive Automations Report

The new Monthly Inactive Automations Report will help you manage all of the active automations within your account. As a best practice, it’s always recommended to pause or delete automation assets that are no longer in use, and this report provides easy visibility into the Engagement Programs, Drip Programs, Automation Rules, and Dynamic Lists in your account that have been inactive over the past 30 days.

It is now possible to Pause multiple Automations Rules or Drip Programs at once using the new Pause Table Actions. This provides Users with a more efficient way to manage old or inactive automation assets.

Updated Form reCAPTCHA

Pardot automatically includes negative CAPTCHA and conditional CAPTCHA, but when enabling additional explicit bot protection using reCaptcha, Pardot forms now use Google’s latest version of reCaptcha that is effortless. Now, all you need to do is check a box to confirm you are human instead of deciphering and typing numbers or letters.

Google AdWords Connector Update

To reflect the update made by Google AdWords, the Google AdWords report is updated to reflect this change by replacing “Converted Clicks” with “Conversions” in the Paid Search Campaigns data.

We’ve now updated our reports so when you print a page the report will look as desired. Whether you print using the browser’s print button or by using the new Tools “Print” option of any data table, either method should be identical to the report within the user interface.

API Enhancement: Querying Email Clicks

We added the ability via our API to query for email click statistics. All Pardot API documentation available at


With updates to the Pardot Salesforce AppExchange package, we’ve added the Marketing Action Summary Person Account VisualForce page so that you can now add to the mobile cards section of their Person Account page layouts to use in Salesforce mobile app. As a result, we now officially support Salesforce Engage with Person Accounts!

When you enable the connector setting of sync Engage emails in the Salesforce Lead or Contact activity history, Pardot prepends a label to the email subject. We are now changing “Pardot Gmail Email” to now instead be “Engage Gmail Email” prepended to the subject to easily differentiate these emails from other Pardot marketing type emails to more accurately measure sales usage and adoption of Engage.


Salesforce Announces B2B Marketing Analytics — Analytics for Every B2B Marketer

We’re excited to announce the B2B Marketing Analytics app, a new Salesforce Einstein Analytics app that will enable users to dive deeper into marketing, CRM and third-party data and empower them to gain new insights into campaign performance to maximize marketing efforts.

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