Winter ‘16 Release

July 21 – October 19, 2015

Dynamic List and Segmentation Rule Previews

When previously dynamic lists and segmentation rules, enhancements have been make for a clearer two-step process of Build & Test. Included now are confirmation messages, confirmation emails, share preview via URL, run multiple previews, and a processing progress bar.

New Full Screen Email Editing Mode

The Pardot Email Editor has previously allowed users the ability to resize the editing interface. Now, the Email Editor now has a clearer resize handle plus the ability to enter and exit full screen mode.

Create Prospect When Email is Added in Salesforce

With a new Salesforce Connector setting option of “Automatically create prospects in Pardot if they are created as a Lead or Contact in Salesforce” enabled, the Salesforce connector will automatically create prospects in Pardot if an email address is added to an existing lead or contact record in Salesforce.

Sync Salesforce Engage Emails Connector Setting

We’ve added a new connector setting that will allow marketers to log Salesforce Engage emails in Salesforce separately from all other marketing emails (i.e. list, drip, autoresponder, and 1:1 prospect emails sent from Pardot). Instead of logging all marketing and Engage Campaign emails at one time using the “Sync emails with the CRM” setting, you can now use the “Sync Engage emails with the CRM” checkbox to log only Engage Emails as activities in Salesforce.

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