Winter ‘14 Release

June 17 – October 15, 2013

Add Custom Events to Marketing Calendar

Within the integrated marketing calendar, you can now create custom events in addition to the ones that are automatically pulled in (list emails, webinars, Eventbrite events, and social posts).

Personalize Nurture and List Emails from Account Owner

Pardot is pleased to announce the ability to now personalize nurture and list emails on behalf of the account owner. This builds on the current functionality of being able to send from the lead or contact owner while achieving sincerity at scale on behalf of your sales team.

New Visual Click Report for Emails

We have added a new tab to the email report that displays link performance visually. A rendering of your email creative will be overlaid with click through rates next to your various links. The call-out colors get warmer (blue, orange, red, etc.) depending on how high the click through rate is (relative to the other links in the email). This makes determining link performance much easier than simply looking at a table.

The New and Improved Email Editor

We’re pleased to announce email editor improvements to give you more room to work, a quicker editing experience, and easier “undo” capabilities. You are now able to toggle between tabs, sidebar content editor, and content block menu items.

Exciting Updates from the Pardot Professional Services Team

We are thrilled to formally roll out the expansion of our Pardot Professional Services team to include strategic consulting in the four key areas of lead management, lead nurturing, tactical marketing, and reporting & analytics.

Email Preferences Page Link Can Now be Substituted for Unsubscribe Link in Emails

The Unsubscribe tag is now optional in Pardot emails; instead, clients can substitute the Email Preferences link to manage unsubscribes (note: either the Unsubscribe tag or the Email Preferences link MUST be present). This change is still CAN-SPAM compliant.

Unified Marketing Calendar Now Live

A unified marketing calendar now shows scheduled or past emails, social posts, events (via Eventbrite), and webinars (via GoToWebinar, WebEx, or ReadyTalk). A slimmed down version of the calendar appears for Marketing and Administrator users on the dashboard, just below the marketing graphs/charts. Clicking View Full Calendar will show a fuller view that is adjustable to show a day, week, or month view and allows you to page through the dates you want to see. Hovering over an event will show you details about the item (event tickets sold, webinar attendance, email click through rate, etc.) and allow you to click in to either a report (for items in the past) or to a detail screen (for items in the future).

Custom Objects Now Available

In the past, some objects in Salesforce weren’t able to sync back and forth with Pardot, like cases and activity history. To solve this problem, we’ve released a new custom objects feature that will allow Pardot to build automation rules, segmentations, and dynamic lists around any custom or default objects in Salesforce that are NOT default objects in Pardot.

Send Test Emails to a Test List

Now, you can send test emails from the email and email template wizards to specific test lists that you create. Clicking on a tracked or unsubscribe link in a test email will bring users to a success page explaining what would have happened had it been a typical list email. With this functionality, you can see exactly how prospects will view your email and ensure that the email renders correctly. This feature also allows you to report on clicks and view visitor activities by navigating to your email reports.

List-specific opt-out status now easily visible in your CRM

Pardot allows your sales reps to add and remove prospects from nurturing lists right from within Salesforce. We have made a user interface change to show an X and an (unsubscribed) surrounding the list name. This makes it very easy to determine at a glance whether or not a prospect is able to receive certain types of communications.

Outlook 2013 Add-in

Pardot has just released an add-in for Outlook 2013. The add-in allows you to send tracked emails to prospects without leaving Outlook. Simply click the Send with PD button and any links in your email will automatically be tracked behind the scenes. This will provide valuable insight into any prospect clicks and subsequent activity that occur as a result of your message.

Custom Roles Available

Pardot has just rolled out the abilities to define custom user roles.

Changes to How Email Opens Are Calculated

We will automatically register an open if a link is clicked in the email, even if the prospect did not load the images. After all, a prospect can’t click a link in an email unless they open it first.

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