Summer ’20 Release

Pardot launches new B2B Marketing features, such as Einstein Attribution and B2B Marketing Analytics Plus, as well as a number of enhancements to security, syncing, content reuse, and feature setup. Some features become available in June, and others with the Salesforce Summer ’20 release.

Make Pardot Assets More Secure for Prospects

To create a secure browsing experience for your prospects across your marketing assets, we added an account setting to force all SSL-enabled Pardot assets to load over HTTPS. When a browser requests an SSL-enabled Pardot asset over HTTP, Pardot will force redirect the request to HTTPS.

Enable Person Account Syncing Without Contacting Support

Now a Pardot admin can turn on Person Account Syncing without contacting Salesforce Support. Before, to sync prospects with Salesforce person accounts, you contacted Support to enable the functionality.

View Timely Advanced Email Analytics for List Email Reports

Data for emails older than 14 months is no longer recorded for advanced email metrics on the Interaction and Email Clients tab for the List Email report. The change is due to Pardot advanced email integration. You can view all other email engagement metrics regardless of the send date.

Create New Pardot Accounts with Handlebars Merge Language Enabled By Default

Simplify workflows for marketing users. Handlebars Merge Language (HML) enabled for new Pardot accounts brings the latest merge language to users and provides easier integration with Sales Cloud. For existing Pardot accounts, admins can manually upgrade to HML.

Manage Pardot Users with Salesforce

We added enhancements to Salesforce User Sync that make it easier than ever to manage your users. Now you can assign users to Pardot and manage them directly from Salesforce Setup.

Retiring B2B Marketing Analytics Legacy Apps

Beginning with the Summer ’20 release, datasets in legacy B2B Marketing Analytics apps will no be longer updated. Legacy apps include any custom apps you made without selecting the B2B Marketing Analytics app template during setup.

Upgrade to Salesforce-Pardot Connector v2

Upgrade to v2 of the Salesforce-Pardot connector to take advantage of improvements such as instant metadata sync, Business Unit Switcher, and the Pardot integration user.

Test Configuration Changes with Developer Sandboxes for Pardot (Generally Available)

Plan and test configuration changes before you implement them in your Pardot production account with the new Developer Sandbox for Pardot. This sandbox is a Pardot Business Unit that is provisioned from any Salesforce sandbox.

First-Party Tracking (Beta)

Pardot added first-party tracking to keep you from losing prospect activity data, give you more flexibility with campaign attribution, and block traffic that doesn’t come from your domains. To protect consumers’ privacy, web browsers are moving away from supporting third-party cookies over the next few years. The marketing industry uses third-party cookies to track prospect engagement across marketing assets and domains. Opt in to this beta to stay on the leading edge of visitor tracking.

Reuse Snippet API Names

Save time thinking of elaborate descriptions for your API names, and use what makes the most sense. Now you can use the same API Name for your snippets when you assign each snippet to a different campaign or business unit. Previously, every snippet’s API Name had to be unique. With the right assignment, an API Name like event_name, copyright, or another commonly used value is now sufficient.

Pardot API: New and Changed Items

Use the Pardot API more effectively with these new features and changes.

Prospect List View Changing for Some Users

Pardot is removing an experimental user interface (UI). As a result, some Pardot Lightning app users will see minor changes to the Prospects table.

Follow the Path to Easier B2B Marketing Analytics Setup

Now you can follow clear steps in Salesforce Setup to get started with B2B Marketing Analytics, instead of comparing help articles to figure out what comes next. When you open the Setup page, we check your configuration and show you the right steps to enable B2B Marketing Analytics.

Explore Pardot and Salesforce Campaign Data Side-by-Side

The new Marketing Campaign Intelligence app brings two easy-to-read dashboards together in one place. The Campaign Engagement dashboard shows prospect engagement data from Pardot, and the Campaign Performance dashboard shows relevant campaign data from Salesforce. Sales and marketing users can explore these dashboards or create an Einstein Discovery Story to predict methods that can optimize their plans for maximum engagement.

Access and Customize Pardot Dataflows

Now you can see exactly which fields flow into your datasets when you use B2B Marketing Analytics Plus products with Pardot data. Further customize your dashboards when you use the easy interface to create datasets. Select the fields you want, and deselect the ones you don’t.

See Engagement Data on Opportunity Records

Give your users access to interactive widgets that show tailored engagement data for their frequently viewed records. We added support for Opportunity records to the suite of embeddable dashboards. Users can see activity counts, details about the activities’ associated campaigns, and a list of recent activity by related contacts.

Get AI-Enhanced Attribution Data on Your Campaign Records

Use a customized model created by Einstein learning to more accurately identify the most effective campaigns in your customer journeys. Einstein Attribution leaves rules-based influence models in the rearview mirror. It uses artificial intelligence to develop a data-driven model that attributes revenue share based on your actual customers, their engagement, and your successes.

Add to Prospect Lists and Engagement Studio Programs from Records and List Views

Add to Pardot Lists and Add to Engagement Studio Lists are now available as standard buttons to add to record and list view pages in Salesforce. The buttons allow reps to add prospects to Pardot lists without leaving their CRM. Adding prospects to an Engagement Studio list also adds them to related engagement programs, if applicable.

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