Summer ‘17 Release

February 14 – June 12, 2017


New Engagement Studio Actions and Rule

Within Engagement Studio Programs, marketers now have a new Action of “Assign to Salesforce Queue” to more easily utilize existing Salesforce workflows and a new Action of “Adjust Score in Scoring Category” and new Rule of “Check Score in Scoring Category” to impact and assess scoring categories via Engagement Studio.

Engagement Studio Program Scheduled Start and Stop

Marketers can schedule in advance a Start and Stop time for their Engagement Studio Programs. The current process to kickoff or wrap up an Engagement Program is very manual, requiring the Marketer to actually be in the Program at the time they want to Start or Stop. This update will allow Marketers to more easily manage and have more automated control over their Engagement Programs.

Engagement Studio Assets Display Program in Asset’s Usage Table

Now, all assets used within Engagement Studio programs including email templates, lists, landing pages, forms, custom redirects, form handlers, files, Pardot campaigns, scoring categories, prospect fields, users, and groups will display the linkable Engagement Studio program in the asset’s usage table.

Multiple Custom Reply-to Addresses

More flexible options for the custom reply-to field on Pardot List emails and templates. A common use case is when a marketer wants to send an email from a general address or from a particular important user but wants replies to go to the prospect’s assigned user.

Updated Scoring Behaviour During Prospect Merge

Prospect merges to now transfer all score audit adjustments and applies on the resulting master prospect record, including automation rules, completion actions, Engagement Studio Programs, Imports, and manual edits.

Tracker Domain Validation

Trust is the #1 value at Salesforce and Domain Validation validates ownership of branded tracker domains to prove your company owns the domain, which protects your landing pages, custom redirects, and other Pardot assets from being served off of any other customer’s vanity domain.

Updated LinkedIn Social Posting Connector API

The LinkedIn Social Posting Connector API is updated to include improved image posting and reporting on personal page links and comments.


Einstein Account-Based Marketing

Salesforce is introducing Einstein Account-Based Marketing, a complete, end-to-end ABM solution powered by artificial intelligence. Built on the world’s #1 CRM, Einstein ABM enables marketing and sales teams to target the most valuable accounts, personalize campaigns and engage with prospects at scale—improving pipeline quality and turning the hottest leads into new deals.

Send Salesforce Engage Campaign Emails from Accounts

In further support Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Salesforce Engage users can now send one-to-many Engage email from a button or Lightning action on Salesforce Account record or from the related contacts list on an account! This is supported in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning. Additionally, the Send Engage Email button can also be used from a mass action on Account List Views.

The Salesforce Connector now recognizes when a Salesforce Lead record gets converted into an existing Salesforce Contact record.


B2B Marketing Analytics Dashboard Designer

Several options are available to view and explore your data within B2B Marketing Analytics, including through out-of-the-box dashboards or through creation of your own custom dashboards. With the upgrades, the app is now powered by the Dashboard Designer, which allows you to design, create, and build custom dashboards more easily and efficiently. This includes new widgets, visualizations, and even templates to enable you to create responsive dashboards for different device types.

B2B Marketing Analytics Increased Date Range Filtering

B2B Marketing Analytics comes with multiple out-of-the-box dashboards, which allow you to view and explore your Marketing and Sales data in one central place. We have enhanced each dashboard’s date filter, allowing you to filter to a granular ‘by-day’ view, or broad ‘by multiple years’ view on both an absolute and relative scale. Even more, you now have the ability to filter by completely custom date ranges.

B2B Marketing Analytics CRM ID’s in Pardot Datasets

To make it easier and more efficient to join custom datasets with the out-of-the-box datasets, CRM ID’s are now included in all out-of-the-box datasets.

B2B Marketing Analytics Fully Optimized iOS Mobile Experience

We’re also happy to announce a fully optimized mobile iOS experience for B2B Marketing Analytics. This is accessible through the Einstein Analytics app on your Apple mobile device. You now have the ability to fully interact with and explore all dashboards, datasets, and saved lenses within B2B Marketing Analytics, including sharing directly from your mobile device. The Salesforce Einstein Analytics iOS application can be found in the App Store.

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