Summer ‘16 Release

February 17 – June 13, 2016


New and Improved Pardot User Interface

Pardot is committed to ensuring that every user has a great experience using Pardot and we’re excited to announce a few enhancements this team has made that improve user experience and efficiency. First, we’ve updated the look and feel of the system with a new font and styles. Next, we’ve streamlined system navigation by merging duplicate paths wherever it makes sense. Finally, we’ve moved the main menu navigation bar from the top to the side of the page, removed text from top level items, and made each icon change color when a user hovers over it.

Introducing Multiple Scoring Categories

Pardot’s new Multiple Scoring Categories feature allows you to track prospect engagement at the aggregate and individual product or business unit levels. Scoring Categories take the guesswork out of marketing by signaling exactly which products a prospect is interested in, so you can deliver relevant content at every touchpoint. Knowing which products a prospect cares about makes it easy to route leads to the right sales reps. And with this scoring information available to both Marketing and Sales, it’s easy to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and to collaborate on strategies to advance them through the sales cycle.

Simplified Email Saving

We’re introducing a set of enhancements to our email editor to streamline the process of saving emails, and make it easier for multiple users to avoid colliding while editing emails. The first major enhancement is that only one user will be allowed to edit an email draft or email template draft at a time. We’ve also made the process of saving emails more intuitive with a change to the user interface.

Enhancements to List Email Statistics Report

We’re introducing a series of enhancements designed to improve user experience with the List Email Statistics report. First and foremost, we’ve added the ability to filter by more than two tags. We’ve also added back columns for Open Rate and Unique Opens. Finally, we’ve made some enhancements to custom report exports.

Competitor Monitoring Enhancements

We’ve introduced a set of enhancements to Competitor Monitoring that make this capability even more powerful. First, we’ve expanded the SEO dataset Pardot uses for competitive analysis to ensure that customers have access to accurate and comprehensive data about their SEO performance. In addition, we’ve expanded the set of SEO metrics that will be tracked in Pardot.

Variable Tag Modifiers

With Trust is our #1 value at Salesforce, security updates are being applied to help prevent malicious code from being executed from your various Pardot assets via variable tags for prospect default and custom fields. The values could be populated via form submissions and variable tag modifiers are a special string that you can add to a variable tag to tell Pardot how to format the output when the tag is populated.


The custom apex trigger for logging Person Account changes is no longer required to automatically create prospects in Pardot when leads and contacts are created in Salesforce. This functionality is now included in the Pardot AppExchange package.

Pardot and Salesforce are becoming even more closely aligned, and as a result, IP address whitelisting is no longer required in Salesforce in order to verify the Pardot connector.

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