Spring ‘20 Release

Spring ’20 brings you an exciting batch of analytics tools including an Einstein Behavior Scoring dashboard and an Account-Based Marketing analytics app template. Plus, check out new uses for Snippets, two Engagement History dashboards, a handful of related lists, and updates to our B2B Marketing Analytics datasets and dashboards.

Explore Factors That Determine Behavior Scoring

Ever wonder how we build your Einstein Behavior Scoring model? Now you can find out. A new dashboard in B2B Marketing Analytics shows how your custom model weights each engagement activity and which assets relate most strongly to future conversion.

Use Einstein Discovery Predictions to Enhance Account-Based Marketing Strategy (Pilot)

Give sales and marketing users the power to analyze ongoing account-based marketing efforts and performance. The new Account-Based Marketing (ABM) app template offers three dashboards, and includes an Einstein Discovery story that identifies easy wins and improvement opportunities. The Account-Based Marketing app template is part of Einstein Analytics for B2B Marketing, a growing collection of tools tailored for the B2B marketer.

Explore Engagement History Data on Leads and Contacts

Engagement history data now can follow your reps everywhere they go. Add the Embedded Engagement History Dashboard Lightning component on lead and contact records to see customers’ engagement activities. Drill in to specific assets or activities like you do on your other Engagement History dashboards.

See Most Engaged Accounts on Campaign Records

The Embedded Engagement History Dashboard on a campaign record now shows how many accounts engage with your marketing assets. We added a Most Engaged Accounts widget to your embedded dashboards. It aggregates the number of activities for leads and contacts linked to an account, so you can see which accounts are worth your focus.

See Engagement Activities on List Email Records

Your sales reps don’t have time to dig around for the information they need. Now, sales reps can see the Engagement History related list on list email records to learn who is opening and clicking their emails.

Reveal Relationships Between Accounts and Campaigns

New related lists are available on campaign and account records, which can help your sales reps make connections between the two. They can quickly navigate between records or act on related records. Add the Accounts related list to campaign records and add the Campaigns related list to account records.

Dataset Changes in B2B Marketing Analytics Apps

To make sure that your B2B Marketing Analytics datasets provide the most accurate data to your dashboards, we restructured a few things. Previously, dashboard widgets were limited to consider only one prospect associated with one opportunity. However, relationships are often more complex. We also updated widget formulas, faceting, and date filtering to give you a more powerful dashboard experience.

Retiring B2B Marketing Analytics Legacy Apps

As of the Summer ’20 release, datasets in legacy B2B Marketing Analytics apps are no longer updated. Legacy apps include any custom apps you made without selecting the B2B Marketing Analytics app template during setup.

FullContact Connector Is Scheduled for Retirement on January 31, 2020

FullContact’s social profile lookup connector, including the ability to view information obtained via the connector, will no longer be available as of January 31, 2020.

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