Spring ‘17 Release

October 18, 2016 – February 13, 2017


Assigned User Variable Tags

Within email templates, five additional variable tags for for the Assigned User’s full name, first name, last name, phone number, and email address are now available that does not depend on the email sender. This allows a marketing user to direct a prospect to contact their sales representative in a marketing email.

Engagement Studio Program Locking

We’ve introduced Program Locking to Engagement Studio Programs to prevent multiple users from editing the same Program at the same time. When a user is editing an Engagement Studio program, the Program will become locked; no other users will be able to edit the Program until the original editing user closes, navigates away from, or starts the program.

Engagement Studio Program Versioning

Versioning for Engagement Studio is an exciting step in helping our customers to understand the impact of changes made to their Engagement Programs over time. Whether these changes are due to fixing mistakes, testing different steps, or revising in response to performance results, users will now be able to tweak the steps in their program, the changes to the program steps will be recorded as a part of a new program version with a history of the versions making it easy to understand when a program was edited. Engagement Studio reporting has also been updated to display version-specific stats via drop-downs on the Report Cards.

Enhanced Engagement Studio User Role Permissions

Two new permission options of View and Delete are available for the Engagement Studio User Role settings provide more options for Engagement Studio access. The View-only setting will be particularly useful for those Users who should only be able to view Reporting and have no Create/Edit access.

Users can now see the date and time when a Prospect was Processed through a step on the Engagement Program Tooltip drilldown Tables.

Allows Users to take mass actions on Engagement Programs, including Delete, Pause, and Move to Folder from the Engagement Programs table.


Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address

Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address (AMPSEA for short) allows Pardot Prospect records no longer need a unique email address. This feature is really powerful when paired with Salesforce so you can now maintain separate prospect records for every corresponding Salesforce lead or contact record for an individual.

Engagement History Lightning Component

The Engagement History lightning component is a rebranded and updated way to view Pardot and Engage prospect activities within Salesforce. We’ve made updates to the naming and grouping of activities to simplify the user experience for end users. Now sales reps are able to drill into and understand their prospects’ interactions in a way they have never been able to before, allowing them to have more relevant conversations with prospects. Because the lightning component is supported on Lightning App Builder, engagement history can be surfaced in any apps that allow adding custom lightning components. So, reps can always have this information at their fingertips at all times.

Salesforce Engage in Lightning

An updated look and feel for Engage Campaigns and reports for Sales Reps to more easily select and swap templates, compose emails without templates, and edit and send emails, allowing them to be more productive. We’re also excited to highlight the addition of custom date ranges in Engage Reports so reps can analyze data across the duration of the sales cycle.

Editable Template Regions in Engage Campaigns

We’re introducing a highly requested feature by users: editable regions in Engage Campaigns! Marketers now have the ability to designate which regions within templates can be edited by the sales user and lock regions they do not want edited. This allows reps to have access to marketing approved content, but ensures that branding standards, messaging, and legal disclaimers remain in tact.

Connect to Prospects Even Faster with Updated Engage Alerts

With an updated experience for our Engage Alerts, new enhancements enable sales reps to connect to customers and prospects even faster than before. Reps can now view all of their latest alerts at once with a new, more intuitive interface for Engage Alerts. They can customize their alerts into side-by-side columns and drill into each alert to instantly view prospect score and engagement history in a more powerfully simple interface. This added flexibility makes it even easier for sales to be first, relevant, and productive.

Salesforce Engage Point of Contact Field

A new Product and Service Notification field with Pardot Account Settings allows customers to specify a user to contact for Salesforce Engage. This point of contact will be used to notify the customer of any Engage specific critical incidents or product news and updates.


The Email Send action Report Cards and the Engagement Program CSV export will now include data on the percentage of total Bounces and total Opt Outs for specific emails within the Program.

A new “Email Status” column will be added to the Engagement Studio Email Send Tooltips drilldown report. This column will display the actual status of the email send for each Prospect.

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