Spring ‘14 Release

October 16, 2013 – April 21, 2014

Select Cumulative Scoring on Email Opens

In order to prevent inflated scores due to cumulative scoring rules, we’ve introduced a new scoring option. Now, you have the ability to select cumulative scoring on Email Opens (this adjusts the prospect’s score every time an email is opened), or you can choose to score only on the initial open. By selecting this option, the prospect’s score will only adjust on the first email open.

Improved Prospect Import Process

Are you ready for a faster and more efficient prospect import process? We’re excited to announce that we’ll be bringing you an improved import experience over the coming weeks, which will significantly improve import speed and will allow imports of up to 100MBs.

New Email Testing Improvements

As a part of our continued effort to make email testing more realistic, we’ve made some improvements to our test email process. Now, clicking on a tracked link will redirect you to an interim page that will display a tracked link success message and show the full URL as a hyperlink (you can see this in the image below). Clicking the tracked link will redirect you to your URL for testing.

Export Individual Drip Program Reports

You asked to be able to export your drip program reports instead of having to screenshot your data to share with your team. Now, you can export this data as an easily-accessible .CSV file, save it locally, and share it with anyone at your company, instead of requiring a Pardot user seat to view. You can even adjust the date range for more specific reports, if desired.

Introducing Pardot Folders

Folders are a helpful organizational feature that will house your campaigns, emails, content, and other marketing assets together. They’ll work intuitively to let you segment and nest your marketing content in a variety of ways that make sense for your team, so that you can experience richer organization and an improved browsing experience within Pardot.

New Email Send From Options

Now, you can send a personalized email from any user field, including support contacts, account managers, and more — anyone who is attached to a Pardot prospect. This opens up a world of opportunities for sending targeted and personalized messages! Sender Options now include a Prospect CRM User Custom Field, Prospect Account Owner, Prospect Assigned User, Specific User, or General User.

New Campaign Performance Report

Want a deeper look at your campaign performance? The Campaign Performance report gives a high-level overview of a campaign’s overall health in comparison to other campaigns. The report is displayed in a graphical, highly configurable interface, and you can adjust the graph’s view by campaign status (current, archived, or all campaigns) and by date range.

Introducing the Pardot + Salesforce1 Integration

With the introduction of Salesforce1, as a part of the Salesforce, Pardot has already been integrated into this next-generation platform. By downloading the Salesforce1 app, you will be able to see a list of your Pardot lead and contact records from within the app, including information like Pardot scores, grades, campaigns, comments, notes, and more.

Spammy and role-based email addresses now scrubbed out during imports

To protect your email reputation, we are now enforcing stricter email address validation on prospect import to prevent spammy addresses or role-based email addresses (addresses not relating to a person). Now, if a user imports a CSV file which includes a prospect with an address on our list of un-mailable or role-based addresses, then that row will be rejected from the import.

Send list and one-to-one emails via the Pardot API

You can now send emails via the Pardot API! One-to-One, List emails and Operational emails can be programmatically sent with all the benefits of our regular email tracking and reporting. This is really great for clients who want to do specialized integrations with us to send and track emails of all kinds (account activations, status updates, and other very personalized emails). You can send dynamically generated content (e.g. that a third party system pushes up to Pardot on send) or you can use an existing email template you have created in Pardot.

Six Responsive Email Layouts & Template Improvements

We now have six stock email templates that are responsive to give you a head start in your design when starting from Pre-formatted Layouts when building your email template. You can of course use your own responsive templates and we made additional enhancements to all email templates.

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