December ’18 Release

December 19, 2018

Salesforce Lightning Design System Updates

Part of the ongoing effort to improve the Pardot Lightning experience, the first of many changes will update the Prospect list views to align with Lightning styling. This will create a seamless experience for marketers in the Pardot Lightning app.

Send Engage Email from Campaign & Opportunity | Documentation

Marketing can empower Sales to send Pardot emails in even more places within Salesforce, including Salesforce Campaign and Opportunities, allowing targeted and branded communications like event invitations and promotions from where the users are working.

All Sent Automated Emails View in Sent Emails Table

Previously, when viewing the Sent Emails Table you could filter by the ‘All Sent Emails’ view showing every email sent via Pardot or ‘All Sent List Emails’ view displaying only list emails. Now, Marketers can select a new table view for All Sent Automated Emails, showing only emails sent via Engagement Studio, Automation Rules or Completion Actions

Blocking Email Security Scanner Clicks | Documentation

Some of the most popular email clients use aggressive spam filters and the email security scanners they use click all the links in your email to check for malicious ones. To improve the accuracy of your reports and other engagement actions, Pardot has updated the default setting to ignore clicks from certain IP ranges that are associated with email security scanners.

Manually Generate Marketing Assets Links

Short URLs will no longer be automatically created for landing pages, multivariate tests and custom redirects or files. To create a link, once a marketing asset is created click the Generate link in the Short URL column of the table. Note: Short URLs for existing assets are not affected.

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