Wistia connector: video tracking

We are excited to release a connector with one of our favorite companies, Wistia. They make it incredibly easy to upload, embed, and track videos on your website and are constantly innovating in the video space. What’s even better is that you can get started with them for free while you decide on your video strategy.

If you want to track video views and tie them back to prospects, take a look at what they have to offer. Once you have an account opened up and some videos embedded on your site, simply create a Connector in Pardot to start seeing tracking data.

Video Activity Tracking and Heat Maps

Pardot records two types of video activities:

  • Video plays: this is recorded when a visitor or prospect clicks the play button on an embedded video
  • Viewing more than 75% of a video: Pardot also records when someone watched at least 3/4 of a video as it shows significant engagement

Video Tracking

Scoring Options

Pardot’s default scores for video plays and for watching over 75% of a video are 10 points and 25 points respectively. As with any other default scores, you can adjust these values under Administration –> Automation Settings –> Scoring Rules.

Video Scoring Settings

Video Reporting

Video reports show the number of conversions (prospects created via Wistia Turnstiles — forms within the embedded video player).

Pardot Video Report

You can also drill into an individual video report to see a list of prospects who converted (via a turnstile form) or viewed the video.

Video Report

Turnstile Integration

If you use Wistia Turnstiles to collect email addresses before, during, or after video plays, Pardot will automatically create prospects and record conversions.

Displaying Video Activity Inside CRMs

Because of some nuances in how we pull the heat map from Wistia, we are unable to show it inside of CRM systems. Instead we show the percentage viewed right in line with the view activity.

Video Activities in CRM Systems

Video Marketing Best Practices

Need help getting started? Wistia has put together a huge number of resources on how to make you more successful with video.