Uservoice Idea Exchange and Support Forum Connector

Editor’s Note: Pardot has moved to the Salesforce Success Community IdeaExchange! As of December 1, 2016, all Pardot customers should use the Salesforce IdeaExchange to post, vote for and comment on Pardot ideas.

At Pardot, we love to eat our own dog food and this includes integrations with a lot of the apps that we use. Our Idea Exchange ( has been powered by Uservoice for the past few years and has been a huge hit (so much so that we made it have a single sign-on with Pardot and be available from our app’s navigation). With the new connector, you can track idea submissions and comments as prospect activities. You can also score them (set under Scoring Rules).

Uservoice also offers help desk functionality and we can track help tickets as activities.

Why track clients who submit ideas or file cases? Your most engaged clients are often your most likely to upgrade or purchase additional products. Segmenting off of engagement data is a really powerful way to drive cross-sales.

Check out our knowledge base for instructions on enabling the connector>>>

Here is a blog post from Uservoice announcing the feature>>>

Uservoice Connector

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