Unified marketing calendar now live

We are excited to release a unified marketing calendar that shows scheduled or past emails, social posts, events (via Eventbrite), and webinars (via GoToWebinar, WebEx, or ReadyTalk). A slimmed down version of the calendar appears for Marketing and Administrator users on the dashboard, just below the marketing graphs/charts. Clicking View Full Calendar will show a fuller view that is adjustable to show a day, week, or month view and allows you to page through the dates you want to see. Hovering over an event will show you details about the item (event tickets sold, webinar attendance, email click through rate, etc.) and allow you to click in to either a report (for items in the past) or to a detail screen (for items in the future).

Dashboard View


Full Calendar



The calendar is visible to Marketing and Administrator users by default. If your account level includes Custom Roles, you can create additional user roles with calendar access.

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18 thoughts on “Unified marketing calendar now live

    • Interesting idea Nolin. No API endpoint yet but we are going to add the ability to manually add your own events (e.g. you could add events, holidays, etc. in addition to anything that we are automatically putting in). That will be pretty nice.

  • This is awesome – I am so excited about this!

    Is there any way that we can overlay another calendar, maybe via RSS? We keep an editorial calendar in our project management tool (SmartSheet) and I’d love for all our users to see what we have planned down the line.

    • No way to overlay another calendar but we are working on a couple of things for this:

      1. ability to create your own events (choose a name, icon, dates, etc.) — coming soon
      2. ability to export your calendar as a PDF — farther afield

  • Great feature – we too also use Argyle so that integration would be cool. Is there an easy way to export/copy or download besides screen shots? For some in my shop, a hard copy is helpful. Just a thought. Bob

  • I’m always keen on new developments. But in this case how do I remove it from my dashboard view?

    • Good question. Unfortunately since drips are “living” (e.g. the date you enter and get an email could be different from the date someone else gets an email — all based on when you enter the program) we cannot really put it on the calendar.

  • Is there a way to export the calendar as a PDF that we could email to others in the company who are not Pardot users?

  • Love this calendar! How do you get the drip emails to integrate into the calendar? Right now, the only things that show on the calendar are the social posts.

    • Hi Stephanie, drips are dynamic, rather than tied to specific dates. As such, they wouldn’t really be viewable on a calendar. Scheduled emails (past and future) will show up, webinars (if you use one of our webinar connectors), events (if you use Eventbrite), and social posts will show up though.

  • This is a great tool that I’m looking forward to using it!

    Are there any plans to add a reminder check box? It would be nice if I manually create an event that I could set it to send an email reminder either 15 min, 1hr, 2hrs, etc. before the event. It would be EVEN BETTER if there was an email field (similar to the ‘Send Test Emails’) where I could specify who to send the reminder to in case it should go to someone else on my team or the whole marketing team.

    • Hi Anthony,

      I checked with one of our product engineers, and as of now, there are no plans to add a reminder check box — but they’re taking note of your suggestion for the future!

  • I’d like to second the question above about an exportable PDF. Is something like that in the works? Or was the question answered somewhere else?

    • Hi Jason — it’s definitely something we’d like to do in the future. It isn’t actively being worked on today though.

      The easiest way for now is to take a screen grab (very easy on a Mac; a bit more of a pain on a PC). On a Mac I always use control + shift + 4.

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