New Tabbed Prospect View

Let?s face it ? we?re starting to show too much data on the prospect screen. What if you just want to see what lists a prospect is on and make a quick change? What if you want to see other prospects related to the one at which you are looking (bet you didn?t even know you could do that currently)?

We have just divided up the prospect section into four tabs:

  • Fields tab showing score, field values, and activities
  • Lists tab showing the static and dynamic list membership of the prospect and allowing quick editing
  • Profile tab for grading
  • Related tab to see other prospects with the same email domain (really useful for seeing what other prospects from a company are in the system)

Tabbed Prospect View

Prospect List Membership Tab

Related Prospects Tab

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2 thoughts on “New Tabbed Prospect View

  • I regret to say this is a step backwards. It now requires multiple clicks in order to use profiles and correlate it with the data on the main screen. Lots of extra work for no reason. Please give us the option to roll back to the previous interface or customize what we can show on one screen for speed of lead qualification.

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