Salesforce Wave Analytics: Summer ’17 Release

We’re excited to announce the Summer ’17 release of Wave for B2B Marketing. For this release, our goal was to provide our users with additional customization and segmentation functionalities, while enhancing the overall usability of the app itself. In addition, we’re happy to announce a fully optimized iOS mobile experience, allowing you to view and explore your data on-the-go.

Bringing the Power of the Wave Dashboard Designer to Wave for B2B Marketing

Several options are available to view and explore your data within Wave for B2B Marketing, including through out-of-the-box dashboards or through creation of your own custom dashboards. With the upgrades, the app is now powered by the Wave Dashboard Designer, which allows you to design, create, and build custom dashboards more easily and efficiently. This includes new widgets, visualizations, and even templates to enable you to create responsive dashboards for different device types.

Increased Date Filtering Options

Wave for B2B Marketing comes with three out-of-the-box dashboards, which allow you to view and explore your Marketing and Sales data in one central place. We have enhanced each dashboard’s date filter, allowing you to filter to a granular ‘by-day’ view, or broad ‘by multiple years’ view on both an absolute and relative scale. Even more, you now have the ability to filter by completely custom date ranges.

CRM ID’s in Pardot Datasets

From your feedback, we gathered that it’s been pretty complicated for you to join your custom datasets with the Pardot datasets provided out-of-the-box in the app. You told us that if the CRM ID’s were included in our datasets, your lives would be so much easier. We listened, and CRM ID’s are now included in all Pardot-provided datasets!

Analytics on the Go

We’re also happy to announce a fully optimized mobile iOS experience for Wave for B2B Marketing. This is accessible through the Wave Analytics app on your Apple mobile device. You now have the ability to fully interact with and explore all dashboards, datasets, and saved lenses within Wave for B2B Marketing, including sharing directly from your mobile device. The Salesforce Wave Analytics iOS application can be found in the App Store.

For more details on these features, please be sure to check out the Wave for B2B Marketing sections within the Salesforce Pardot Knowledge Base. For more details on the Wave Dashboard Designer, please be sure to check out the Wave Analytics sections of the Salesforce Knowledge Base. For more information on Wave for B2B Marketing, including how to get a demo of the app, please check out Wave for B2B Marketing on Salesforce Pardot’s website.

We look forward to your feedback on all of the features included in our Summer ’17 release, and I encourage you to visit our Idea Exchange to add any ideas for app enhancements you may have!

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