Prospect Lifecycle Report

Happy Friday everyone. We are excited to release our first iteration of the prospect lifecycle report.

The Prospect Lifecycle Report combines your marketing and sales reports in one place to give you a high level view of your sales cycle’s health. By reviewing the report you will have an idea of how well your marketing and sales organizations are working together as well as see areas for improvement.

Prospect Lifecycle Report

Visitors are unidentified (no email address yet). Prospects are known entities (have an email address). MQLs (marketing qualified leads) are prospects that have an owner (e.g. they have been assigned). SQLs (sales qualified leads) are prospects associated with opportunities. Won Deals are prospects that are associated with opportunities marked as closed won.

Take a look at our prospect lifecycle report documentation for full details on how the report works.

Eventually you will be able to create your own definitions of what a MQL or SQL at your organization should be.