Personalize Nurture and List Emails from Account Owner

Achieving sincerity at scale on behalf of your sales team is one of the best features of using Pardot for your marketing automation. Personalizing emails to be sent from your sales reps as part of nurturing and email campaigns drives a huge boost in open and click engagement, resulting in more qualified leads and shorter sales cycles.

Today, Pardot is pleased to announce the ability to now personalize nurture and list emails on behalf of the account owner. This builds on the current functionality of being able to send from the lead or contact owner.

Pardot now allows the sender information to be personalized based on the account owner
Pardot now allows the sender information to be personalized based on the account owner

Technical Notes

If the recipient is not associated with an account or the account has no owner, Pardot will automatically fall back to the lead or contact owner. If the recipient has no lead or contact owner, the default value specified in the email or email template will be used. All user-related variable tags, e.g. %%user_first_name%%, will be substituted with the appropriate data based on the user selected.

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3 thoughts on “Personalize Nurture and List Emails from Account Owner

  • As you are aware there are other fields in SF which also dictate who looks after the account from a day to day running. We have territory owners that do just that. Account owners on our SF records are the heads of those teams.

    Can you change it from looking at account owner to looking at territory owner?

    • Kayleigh – great point. Our next sender personalization improvement will be the ability to send from any field that references a user. This will enable even more complex personalization, such as the territory use case you mention.

  • This will be a great help since we rely on Account Owner rather than Contact owner. The only problem is all our Leads that are generated in Pardot have the Contact Owner as “Marketing Pardot” so if the default was to send to the Contact Owner if the Account isnt associated, then we are in trouble. I would rather it default to the From name and email specified in the email set up if they don’t have an Account Owner. Is there a way to do this? Or do I need to send seperate emails for those who have Accounts and those who do not to avoid email sending with a From Name “Marketing Pardot”

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