Pardot Summer ’18 Release: New Feature Round-up

With our Summer ’18 release, we’re ready to help marketers make more informed decisions, strengthen their account-based marketing strategies, and offer more personalized experiences to their customers based on a deeper understanding of their data. We know that today’s buyers are more connected than ever before. In order to engage with buyers at the right moment, it’s just as important to be first as it is to be effective.

What’s even more exciting about our summer release is that many of the ideas for our new features came directly from our customers and partners. The Pardot Ideas Exchange has a profound influence on our product road map, so huge shout out to YOU!

Find and Nurture Leads

Emoji in Email ?

Emojis are quickly becoming a part of all communication, both personal and professional, and can add a strong touch to your marketing. Emojis have been shown to increase email open rates, so adding an emoji to your subject line could be just the boost you need. 

Engagement Studio Customizable Business Hours

Customizable Business Hours in Engagement Studio give you the ability to establish your preferred business hour time frame in Engagement Studio Programs. This feature provides users the ability to:

  • Select specific days of the week
  • Define specific blocks of time within those days
  • Customize business hours on a program-by-program basis
  • Understand how business hours impact sending when testing the program by showing “Business hours only” on the test log

Engagement Studio – CSV Export Enhancements

When reporting on an engagement program, have you ever wanted to understand more than just email performance?

With the enhanced CSV report file, any asset used in the program will be displayed in the report. The step type outlines additional assets such as custom redirects, files, forms, form handlers and landing pages to give you a better understanding of program engagement. Users will now see a “Program Summary” located at the top of the file which will provide context to the program stats by outlining the number of total members, number of prospects who have completed the program, and the percentage completed.

Matched Leads

Help your teams practice account-based marketing by using your Salesforce data in a new way. In the Lightning App Builder, add the Matched Leads component to your business account pages to show leads matched to an account with the best matches shown first. 

SSL for Vanity Domains

Content that is not served over a secure website can be marked as a security risk in the browser and set you back when it comes to SEO. While we’ve long offered SSL on, now customers can maintain both their brand and their customers’ trust by using SSL for vanity domains.

With one click on the domain management page, users can enable SSL for their vanity domain. Pardot takes care of obtaining and hosting an SSL certificate.

Permanent Delete

Pardot Admins now have the ability to permanently delete prospects from the recycle bin. This enables customers to entirely remove unwanted prospects and all associated data from their org.

Preview Email As

Preview your list email or email templates with a test prospect of your choice to speed up and maximize the value of personalized email content. Previewing as a prospect allows you to easily ensure that you’ve chosen the right variable tags and that the data your expecting renders correctly. 

Responsive Layout Templates

Gone are the days of manually coding responsive layout templates in Pardot. We now offer responsive prebuilt layouts that you can edit to suit your brand’s look and feel. Import one of five prebuilt layouts, customize it, and then use it again to style your landing pages. You can also preview templates, so you can be confident in your design before publishing your template.

User Sync

Pardot admins can choose to have some – or possibly all – of the users in their connected Salesforce org sync to Pardot automatically. Any Salesforce user whose Profile has the ‘Salesforce’ User License is eligible to sync. Pardot admins can also select exactly which user Profiles they would like to sync to their Pardot org.

Once enabled, Salesforce User Sync will detect when Salesforce users are added, removed, or modified and will mirror those changes in Pardot within 10 minutes. With a few exceptions, fields on the Pardot user edit screen become read-only, so any desired changes to those user record fields must be made to the corresponding Salesforce user.

Engagement Studio Warnings

We hear over and over again that time is confusing to users. With the recent releases of scheduled email steps and customizable business hours, warnings provide more insight into program timing. Users will be alerted when a step is scheduled in the past or if the day of the week the scheduled step is on is outside of the “Business Days” set on Business Hours.

Close More Deals

Engage – Insert Files

Engage users can now upload or select an existing Salesforce file(s) to insert into in their Engage email. A public-facing link to the Salesforce file will be inserted into the bottom of the body of the email. It is styled to look like an email attachment. Users can also upload or select an existing Salesforce image to embed as an inline image into their Engage email.

Maximize ROI

B2B Marketing Analytics with Account Based Marketing Dashboard

With the new account-based marketing dashboard and datasets for B2B Marketing Analytics, you can analyze campaign performance, influence, channel activity, and more, all by account. These new tools help marketers identify the highly engaged, top-revenue accounts they want to focus on. Segment and customize this data using B2B Marketing Analytics. Take a deep dive into Account-Based Marketing Dashboard here.

Connected Campaigns

Until now, campaigns in your marketing automation platform have been separate from Salesforce Campaigns, regardless of the marketing automation solution you use. Now, exclusively for Pardot users, your Pardot marketing automation campaigns can be connected to Salesforce Campaigns.

With the power of Salesforce, you can now utilize customizable and flexible Salesforce campaign functionality to help plan and execute all of your campaigns and easily attribute marketing ROI, all in one platform.

Trust and Security

Encryption at Rest 

All Pardot accounts now have Encryption at Rest enabled as default. Encryption at Rest secures your data while it’s stored in Pardot, and data that’s in transit is encrypted by HTTPS.

And, for our friends around the world:

Localization of Pardot French, German, and Spanish

We’ve localized the Pardot UI for France, Germany, and Spain. Localization in beta release, and is available to all customers.

Learn more:

Become a Trailblazer in Marketing Automation with Pardot! Access the Pardot Trailmix here.

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