New Pardot Interface

Technology companies, no matter their industry or product offering, put a tremendous amount of focus into developing features and functionality. After all, it is often the features lists that win competitive deals when customers are comparing their options.

However, many companies ignore the aspect of their product that will get customers through the door and keep them using the product for years to come: the user interface.

As products become more complex and powerful, usability is everything. This makes a great user interface THE thing.

It is for this reason that Pardot has always tried to make our product UI as clean and easy-to-use as possible. With over a hundred new features added this year alone, it was time to update the UI for the next generation of Pardot. Here’s what’s new:

Faster Navigation

With so much to do and so little time in a marketer’s day, easy navigation within Pardot is key. To help simplify workflows and increase navigation speed, the main menu has moved from its original place on the left side of the screen to the top of the page. Certain items have also been reordered into more logical locations, with Knowledge Base, Training, Forum, What’s New, and Ideas now falling into the “Help” menu, Layout Templates into the “Marketing” menu, and Visitors into the “Prospect” menu.

This top navigation bar is also sticky, meaning it will stay at the top of the page as you scroll. No more scrolling up and down to make selections. Dropdown menus also unfold when you hover over them, saving you time and clicks.

Ease of Use

The new user interface makes it easy to understand functionality at a glance. Action steps are highlighted throughout the interface so you won’t have to search for the buttons or menus you need. The entire interface has received a readability makeover as well, making directions, data, and messages easier to locate and read.

Improved Workflows

Marketers are all about getting things done and at Pardot, we are dedicated to helping our users accomplish more, faster. With improved workflows, users will be able to accomplish more than ever before. With redesigned wizards, slick new icon sets, and ease-of-use updates, using Pardot will be faster and smoother for common tasks and projects.

Comprehensive Search

Searching capabilities within Pardot have also received an upgrade, with the ability to search multiple data types at once. As your database continues to grow, the ability to quickly and accurately locate data within your records is a huge asset of your automation platform. This update to Pardot’s search function will put your entire database right at your fingertips.

Agile Updates

Pardot’s new visual framework also allows for easy updates in the future, making us more agile and responsive to customer feedback. So go ahead and take the new UI for a spin and let us know what you think!

Specific Navigation Changes

Help Dropdown

  • The links to the Knowledge Base, Training, Forum, What’s New, and Ideas can be found under the Help dropdown.
  • ‘Visitors’ has moved to the Prospects dropdown.
  • ‘Layout Templates’ has moved to the Marketing dropdown, under both Landing Pages and Forms.