New “Sync Salesforce Engage Emails” Connector Setting

Following on our recent update to Salesforce Engage Campaigns, we have another exciting update for our Engage users.

We’ve added a new connector setting that will allow marketers to log Salesforce Engage emails in Salesforce separately from all other marketing emails (i.e. list, drip, autoresponder, and 1:1 prospect emails sent from Pardot). Instead of logging all marketing and Engage Campaign emails at one time using the “Sync emails with the CRM” setting, you can now use the “Sync Engage emails with the CRM” checkbox to log only Engage Emails as activities in Salesforce. This will improve the speed of email logging and ensure quick and reliable syncing.

The connector setting “Sync Engage emails with the CRM” will be enabled by default for all Salesforce Engage users. You can see what this new option looks like in the screenshot below:


Note: All Engage for Gmail Extension emails will continue to be synced through the “Sync Plugin emails with the CRM” setting.

Please see our updated Knowledge Base article for more information.