New Segmentation Rule and Dynamic List Previews

Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll be rolling out a few changes to Pardot’s segmentation rules and dynamic lists, including new features when you preview your matches.

As you can see in the screenshots below, a progress bar is now displayed while the rule and/or list is processing. When it has finished processing, you’ll see a confirmation message on the screen, and you’ll also receive a confirmation email when the preview is ready.

In addition, the interface has been broken into several steps when building a segmentation rule or dynamic list, instead of prompting you to select everything on a single page.

Now, you can generate more than one rule or list preview at a time, and these previews can be shared with other Pardot users by copying a URL. Please note that only one preview can be created at a time for each specific list or rule.

The following screenshot shows the changes to the dynamic list preview, while the second screenshot shows the new segmentation rule preview (click on each screenshot to expand).

Dynamic List Preview

New Dynamic List Preview

Segmentation Rule Preview

New Segmentation Rule Preview

Questions? See our updated Knowledge Base article for dynamic lists here, and segmentation rules here.

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