New Prospect Lifecycle Report

Building on our existing Lifecycle Report, we’re excited to release a new report that will allow you to drill even deeper into your individual prospects’ activities over time, called the Prospect Lifecycle Report. This report is accessible from each Prospect’s profile, and will allow Pardot users to see the full history of prospect activities in a graphical format. The report will show how each particular prospect moves through the sales lifecycle, and which prospect-initiated activities changed their activity score.

Use the Prospect Lifecycle report to better understand your prospect’s journey through the lead nurturing cycle, gain insight into your prospect’s score at each stage of their lifecycle, and deliver targeted reporting for each stage.

The screenshots below show what this new report looks like in Pardot. Users can sort each prospect’s lifecycle changes by “Total Score” and “Score by Category.” Filtering the report by Total Score reflects the total score resulting from all prospect-initiated activities. Filtering the report by Score by Category will display the prospect’s score broken out into Email and Web activity.

Sorted by “Total Score”

total score

Sorted by “Score by Category”

score by category

You can hover over a point on the graph to launch a pop-up that will display more information. Drag the bottom points on the graph to zoom in on certain parts of the report. Orange dashed lines will appear in the report to signify the moments when the lifecycle stages are met.

Score by Category

Get more information on how each of these lifecycle stages are defined in our Knowledge Base article.

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6 thoughts on “New Prospect Lifecycle Report

  • This is great! Thank you very much for creating this report.

    Will be very helpful when looking into prospect records.

    Are there any plans to have a larger summary report that shows this for all prospects? Possibly reporting off of Average “Total Score” or Average “Score by Category” by prospect campaign?

    Thank you again, great report!

    • Hi Quinn,

      Thanks for the post! We are always looking for ways to improve our prospect reporting and appreciate the suggestions. Our initial additions to the report will be to add more color/sizing to each of the dots above (based on the importance of the activities and score increase). Ideally, we would like to continue reporting on the total prospect activity, but not sure when we would be able to slate that into our development backlog. Would you be able to post some of your thoughts to the Ideas forum?

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