New Product and Service Notifications Contacts

From time to time, we need to get in touch with our Pardot users for important product and services notifications. Previously, we sent these emails to the top one or two Pardot Admins based on the number of logins, and even to all Admin users in certain situations. Now, to better target these notifications (and to avoid sending emails to the incorrect users!), we’ve added Product and Service Notifications contact fields.

With these new contact fields, you can choose points of contact for all of the following communication types:

  • Renewal Notices, Usage Limits, Database Size
  • Email Compliance
  • Critical Incidents
  • Product Updates Requiring User Action

Pardot Admins can view their account’s current points of contact by navigating to their Account Settings and scrolling to the Product and Service Notifications table.

For more information about each type of contact, who can be listed as a contact, and what happens if contact users are deleted, please see our updated Knowledge Base article.

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