New Permission Sets in the Pardot App Exchange Package

We’re constantly looking for ways to make Pardot customers’ lives easier, and we hope this week’s release of new permission sets in the Pardot App Exchange package for Salesforce will do just that.

Permission sets in Salesforce allow you to extend a user’s access without changing their profile, and we’re pleased to announce the release of a new permission set for the Pardot Connector. This permission set will give the user instant access to all the custom objects and fields needed to take advantage of the Pardot connector’s full functionality. It will also allow users to automatically access new product enhancements without having to manually extend their connector user’s profile, as permissions will be added to the permission set as enhancements are released.

Additionally, we’ve released a permission set for other Pardot users who need to access Pardot data in Salesforce. Users will be able to access prospect scores, grades, custom buttons, Pardot activities, and more.

Note: If you’ve received communication about our upcoming improvements to how we sync opt-outs and hard bounces to Salesforce, you’ll need to apply the Pardot connector permission set to your connector user so we can start syncing hard bounces to the new Pardot Hard Bounced field on leads and contacts.  If you would like the Pardot Hard Bounced field to show up on leads and contacts, you’ll also need to drag those on to your lead and contact page layouts. Furthermore, you’ll need to map the Pardot Hard Bounced field in Salesforce for leads to the Pardot Hard Bounced field for contacts to carry over values when a lead is converted to a contact. 

Learn more about these new permission sets (and what you need to do to access them) in our Knowledge Base article here.


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