Introducing the New and Improved Pardot UI

Pardot is committed to ensuring that every user has a great experience using Pardot. That’s why we have a team of usability experts dedicated to finding ways to continually improve the experience for our users. Today I’m excited to announce a few enhancements this team has made that improve user experience and efficiency.

First, we’ve updated the look and feel of the system with a new font and styles. These new styles are not only pleasing to the eye, but are designed to make it easier and more efficient to navigate the system. For example, tables are no longer surrounded by dark frames which can distract from the data in those tables, new fonts draw the eye to the data that matters most, and new button styles and colors highlight the next step a user should take to advance their workflow.

Classic Pardot UI – With classic styling and fonts

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New Pardot UI – With new styling and fonts

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New Navigation

Next, we’ve streamlined system navigation by merging duplicate paths wherever it makes sense. In the classic UI, there were often multiple paths to the same destination. For example, on the Emails page, to navigate to assets associated with emails (drip programs, preferences pages, etc) you could either click on hyperlinks at the top of the page or navigate using the menu bar. We found through user research that the overwhelming majority of users prefer the menu bar to the hyperlinks and that some even found the hyperlinks confusing. So we removed them. This is one example of a principle you’ll see applied throughout the new UI – simplifying the experience and navigation for every user.

Classic Pardot UI – Navigate by hyperlinks or menu

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New Pardot UI – Navigate by menu

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Main Menu Navigation

Finally, we’ve moved the main menu navigation bar from the top to the side of the page, removed text from top level items, and made each icon change color when a user hovers over it. This delivers a more streamlined navigation experience and for customers also using Sales Cloud Lightning, this navigation experience will feel more familiar and consistent.

Classic Pardot UI – Classic navigation structure

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New Pardot UI – New navigation structure

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All of these enhancements are available today to all Pardot users. Existing customers can access them by toggling to this menu setting: Settings > Enable New Pardot Style. New Pardot users will land in the new user interface by default upon logging in.

As always, we’re eager to hear what you think. If you have feedback on these enhancements or ideas for additional enhancements you’d like to see, please submit them at the Idea Exchange here:

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  • The new UI looks great! I like the cleaner look, lack of redundant links, and having the navigation bar on the lefthand side.

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