The New and Improved Email Editor

We’re pleased to announce that we will be updating our email editor to give you more room to work, a quicker editing experience, and easier “undo” capabilities. The new editor will be rolling out to clients over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for upcoming changes.

Wondering what will change? Take a look at the list below to see some of the major improvements you can look forward to:

1. Toggle between tabs.

Since many of our clients use widescreen monitors, the email editor now automatically resizes to fit content in order to prevent unnecessary scrollbars and maximize editing space.The email builder has four tabs across the top to allow for specific editing: Editor (your WYSIWYG editor), HTML, Preview, and Text.

new email editor

2. Sidebar Content Editor.

The Sidebar Content Editor grants access to the History, Styles, and Content tabs for customizing emails. By default, the right sidebar of the editor displays the History tab, which grabs snapshots every 30 seconds containing all changes and stores them locally. You can add additional snapshots, click them to restore your previous content, or hover over them for a full preview. Clicking on content (single, not double-clicking, now!) opens the WYSIWYG editor in the sidebar so that you can see your email and make live changes to it at the same time.

new email editor

3. Content Block Menu.

You can now mouse over existing content blocks and hover over the arrow to toggle on the block editing menu. If your email has regions, the region type will be displayed alongside the arrow, and the menu options will vary depending on the region type. Click the arrow to expand a menu for that content block in order to access some or all of the following options depending on region type: edit contents, duplicate, remove row, move row up, and move row down.

new email editor

For full instructions on creating email templates and creating and sending emails using the enhanced email wizard, please see How to Send an Email with the Enhanced Email Editor.

If you’d like to participate in the early-access pilot, please email your client advocate or file a support request.

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