New Help Drawer & Chat Updates Coming Soon

At Pardot, we have a ton of great self-help resources for our clients — and soon they’ll be more accessible than ever. Next week, we’ll be updating our Help Drawer and in-app Chat with a slick new design. We’re excited to put the troubleshooting resources and help documentation you need right at your fingertips.

What can you expect from this new update? Check out the list of upcoming changes below (note: when the Help Drawer update is released, you’ll see a pop-up after logging into Pardot that will point out the new changes):

  • Quick access to Knowledge Base resources, FAQs, and helpful videos that correspond to the specific area of the app you’re working in — all from inside the Help Drawer.
  • We’re moving our chat widget inside the Help Drawer, so that Pardot users with chat support will have access to our Support team without covering up their content.
  • The Help drop-down menu will also now be located in the Help Drawer, instead of in the menu bar.
  • An updated UI for the Help Drawer, in order to provide a more cohesive user experience.

Stay tuned for additional information that will be released on our blog next week.