New Email Recency and Frequency Rule Types

We heard your requests for a feature that could help prevent marketing fatigue, and we’re excited to introduce a new Pardot feature that will do exactly that. Our new Recency and Frequency rule types, which will be added to dynamic lists in your account over the next week, can be used to quickly query your entire prospect database to generate a list of the prospects that have recently been contacted by you. Use this list to create a constantly refreshing suppression list that records prospects who meet your email sending threshold.

Knowing the recency and frequency of your latest email sends at the prospect level allows you to space your email sends appropriately, helping to avoid marketing fatigue. By creating a suppression list using the new Email and Frequency rule types (for example, if a prospect has been emailed three times in the past two weeks), you can better monitor the level of email volume that your prospects are exposed to.

Recency and Frequency Rule Type

As a best practice, we suggest only using this list as a suppression list for your email sends. See our Knowledge Base documentation for more information on setting up your suppression lists using Email Recency and Frequency.

Note: This will not apply to one-to-one or autoresponder emails.