New Email Flow and A/B Testing

We’re thrilled to bring you two (that’s right, two!) new improvements to your email experience within Pardot: new Email Flow and A/B Testing. Both of these updates will be coming your way in August.

Email Flow

We know that sending well-designed emails is one of the cornerstones of your marketing efforts with Pardot. That’s why we’ve reviewed our email process and developed Email Flow — an updated look to our email editor that’s based on how you design and send emails.

Email Flow lets you create email templates, customize, and send emails the way you like to work. The Email Flow is non-linear, so rather than requiring you to complete one step at a time, we’ve given you the freedom to decide how to draft and send your email — so you can jump from building to testing to sending in any order that you’d like. Check out the top of the screenshot below to see what this looks like in the email editor (plus, check out the new “Enable A/B Testing” button at the top of the editor!).

webinar invitation

There are three main stages to building an email template or an email in Email Flow: building, testing, and sending.

The Building Tab

The Building step is where you’ll make changes to your email template to prepare for sending.

The Testing Tab

The Testing Tab is where you’ll test your email to prepare for sending. Send your email to test lists or to an individual email address to be tested. If you have Advanced Email Analytics, you can render email client and browser proofs during this step.

The Sending Tab

The Sending Tab is where you’ll add Recipient and Suppression lists, schedule, and then deploy your emails.

A/B Testing

But wait, there’s more! We’re excited to bring A/B testing functionality to our Pardot Pro and Ultimate customers. After all, successful email campaigns aren’t just about your email template. It’s also about creating engaging content that resonates with your audience. The question is: how do you know what content your audience is going to find engaging?

That’s where A/B testing comes in. A/B testing allows you to change elements in your email, segment your recipient list, and then deploy different versions of your email to each segment.

To make it easy to tell which elements you’ve changed in your emails at a glance, Email Version A will always be blue, while Email Version B will always be orange. You can see this in the screenshots below.

AB Test Send Part 1

Send your emails to a test audience, view the testing data for each respective email in real-time, then send the winning email to the rest of your recipient list at the close of the A/B test period. You can also set up completion actions for emails used in A/B testing. Note: completion actions will apply to both versions on your email.

AB Test Audience

A/B testing will allow you to choose the best content for your emails, helping you increase open rates, click-throughs, and engagement rates.

Want more information? Check out our updated Knowledge Base article for more details on Email Flow and A/B Testing.

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14 thoughts on “New Email Flow and A/B Testing

  • That’s great to hear. One question about the email testing….will it be available for drip programs or is it only for one time list sends?

  • Thanks and great question. It’s only list emails today but we plan to make it part of drips in the near future as part of a greater lead nurturing overhaul (which we will preview at Dreamforce in October).

    • You bet — thanks for being so patient with us on it. We wanted to nail it.

      There is a lot we can add it to in the future (other testing dimensions) but I really like what we did for this first go.

    • It should take us about a month to roll it out pod by pod to our client base. Expect an update within the next week or so to let you know.

  • My team is very much looking forward to this! In general, they like the email editor, but the multiple steps can be a drag and they have a lot of issues around saving, specifically issues with multiple users working on an email and handing off to each other. Thanks for the update!

  • This is terrific – we’ve been doing A/B testing with list splits and copying emails, but this is going to make things an order of magnitude easier!

    • @Phil — I totally agree. That’s how I used to do it too. This makes it WAY easier. In fact, it’s so easy and embedded in the sending process that you could easily do a subject line test on every list email you send if you wanted (and had a large enough sample size).

  • The ability to run a pilot A/B test and have your main send automatically use the winner is a brilliant feature!

  • Will this feature be rolled out automatically or will we need to do an update similar to how folders were rolled out? Do you have a launch date for this new feature? My team and I are very excited about this enhancement! Thanks!

    • Hi Susan,

      We’ll be rolling this feature out over the next month. You should receive an email a few days before the update goes live in your account!

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