New Configurable Cookie Duration

Today we’re releasing a small but mighty new feature that will allow Admin users to configure the duration of the cookies set in Pardot. This will ensure that cookie duration is compliant with data retention laws across the globe.

Note that while ten years is still the default duration, Admins can now change the duration for their specific account by hovering over their email address in the top right of the Pardot app. From there, go to “Settings” and then “Edit account.” This is where you can edit the “Max Tracking Cookie Duration (days)” field.

While you can set a minimum of 180 days (roughly six months), we recommend leaving the cookie duration at its max setting (3650 days, or ten years) unless otherwise required by law in your country.

Once this setting is changed, visitors and prospects will have to visit a page with your Pardot tracking code (including a page with a Pardot form) to have their existing cookies changed to the new duration. If they do not interact with your Pardot tracking code, their cookies will not be updated to the new duration.

You can read more about this update in our Knowledge Base here.

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