New BCC Email Compliance Functionality

We’re excited to start the new year by releasing a highly-requested feature off of our Idea Exchange: BCC Email Compliance. This functionality will help ensure that our clients are compliant with the federal regulations for their industry.

Federal regulations require that certain types of institutions (for example, Financial Services companies) keep a record of all emails sent over the past five years, including the content of each email and every email recipient, in the event of an audit.

Once the BCC Email Compliance functionality has been activated by a Pardot Admin, every email sent from Pardot will automatically BCC an email address selected by the Admin. This will ensure that clients can keep a record of all emails sent from Pardot and can quickly access all email communication, if needed.

This new feature is available now for $400 per month for Pro and Ultimate Pardot customers.

Learn more about Pardot’s new BCC Email Compliance functionality and see a few screenshots in our Knowledge Base article here.

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