New List Email Statistics Customizations

Today, we’re releasing a new refresh to our email reporting. The List Email Statistics table will now allow you to customize and filter reporting for all of your sent list emails. You can access this new table by navigating to Reports > Emails.

The table features the following columns that can easily be added or removed:

  • Sent Emails
  • Bounces (Hard and Soft)
  • Delivery Rate
  • Unique Clicks
  • Click-through Rate
  • Spam Complaints
  • Queued
  • Opt-outs
  • Campaigns
  • Tags, and more

See what this looks like in the screenshot below:


You can filter, sort, and rearrange the table to suit your needs, including adding or removing columns and filtering columns by specific criteria. Because the table is smart save, Pardot will remember these customizations if you navigate away from the table, and will display your customized grid again when you return.

Data from the table can also be exported to a CSV. You can either export the custom table or export all items to CSV.

Learn more about this new update in our Knowledge Base, and stay tuned for additional reporting refreshes coming soon!