New List Email Statistics Customizations

Today, we’re releasing a new refresh to our email reporting. The List Email Statistics table will now allow you to customize and filter reporting for all of your sent list emails. You can access this new table by navigating to Reports > Emails.

The table features the following columns that can easily be added or removed:

  • Sent Emails
  • Bounces (Hard and Soft)
  • Delivery Rate
  • Unique Clicks
  • Click-through Rate
  • Spam Complaints
  • Queued
  • Opt-outs
  • Campaigns
  • Tags, and more

See what this looks like in the screenshot below:


You can filter, sort, and rearrange the table to suit your needs, including adding or removing columns and filtering columns by specific criteria. Because the table is smart save, Pardot will remember these customizations if you navigate away from the table, and will display your customized grid again when you return.

Data from the table can also be exported to a CSV. You can either export the custom table or export all items to CSV.

Learn more about this new update in our Knowledge Base, and stay tuned for additional reporting refreshes coming soon!

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26 thoughts on “New List Email Statistics Customizations

    • Hi Jean,

      Great! Glad to hear you like them! We are absolutely planning on rolling out these features to additional reports. Which reports would you most like to see these features on?


  • The interface on this new report is a little less clean than the old version. Will you be able to add in the capability to adjust the width of the columns? The names of the emails are getting scrunched up and difficult to read in this view.

    • Hi Vanessa,

      Adjusting the width, or resizing the column, is one of the features included in this release. For the Name column, just drag the right side of the Name column header until your intended width. The table also supports a horizontal scroll, so you should not worry about fitting in all columns within what is visible – you can always scroll to see those additional columns.

  • Nice to see this update. Any plans to allow even more column options? For example two metrics we’d really like to be able to pull into this table are open rate and click to open rate. Was bummed to see that there are not currently options

    • Hi Alyssa,

      These are great recommendations! We are definitely looking to include more metric options, and these two seem to be consistently brought up in feedback. Stay tuned!

  • Thanks Adam, I’ll consider this our holiday gift!

    This is a very welcome addition!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Carl! You can filter by any column within the data table – Name, Campaign, Tag included. Just select the funnel icon to the right of the column name (within the header), and select “Filter”. From there, you should be able to filter which ever column you wish. Additionally, you can apply additional filters to multiple columns at the same time. Does this help?

  • Great table. I’m missing the original filter bar however (especially for date drop down like ‘this week’), but more importantly, can the table feature ‘unsubscribed’ and CTO rates too?

    • Thank you, Martin, for your feedback! Regarding the date drop down, this is something we have heard and are looking into adding. As for the additional metrics, would you mind filing an Idea Exchange request? We are consistently looking at enhancements, specifically with regards to which metrics we should include. This would help us compile additional feedback. Thanks in advance!

  • This is great. However, I’m sad you took away the filter functionality at the top. It’s now a bit harder to locate my emails.

    Also, my CSV files aren’t generating. I’m sure you guys are still working out the kinks, but it’s unfortunate.

    • Hi Rebecca,

      You can now filter by every column within the data grid. Just go to the column by which you would want to search (such as “Name”), select the funnel icon to the right of the header name, and then select “Filter”. From there you can filter for whatever you desire to. Additionally, you can apply multiple filters to multiple columns at one time.

      As for the CSV file exports, can you please file a ticket with support? I’d like to investigate this issue.


  • As far as I can see, there is no way to filter using a “contains” rule which is the primary way that one would use the filter for reporting – to use that to filter based on the tags we set up for emails. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Dana,

      Which column are you looking to use “contains” on? Tags?

      You can filter theTags column, and if you chose “Equal To”, it will filter the Tags column to show all emails that have the tag of which you have selected.

      Please let me know if this helps!

  • This is awesome!! Can’t wait to be able to do this throughout all of pardot! 🙂

  • When are you going to incorporate something similar for template emails? Most of the emails we send are part of drip programs and sent regularly. Why do you only enhance one-off email reporting when drip email reporting is used more?

    • Thanks for the feedback, Ashley! We will be rolling this out to additional reports. Can you please file an Idea Exchange request for enhancing drip email reporting?

  • Very useful. Thanks! I love the ability to filter on each column. It would be great to have access other fields like open rate, etc.. I’m sure that will be available soon. Keep the updates coming!

  • Thanks for the feedback, Shaimoom! We are going to be enhancing the table, and adding additional metric options, including Open Rate %. Please stay tuned!

  • Very useful, but would need unique opens to be complete… also, where is the search? Thanks

    • Thanks for the feedback, Vera!

      We are planning on including Unique Opens as an additional metric moving forward.

      As for Search, you can go to the “Names” column, select the filter icon, and apply a filter for emails that are named or include any word with which you are searching for. You can additionally do this to any column within the report.

  • This is so exciting! Any way we can get what lists it was sent to as a column option? I use that a lot in reports. Thank you!

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