All new LeadDeck — new UI and customizable sliders

We have just released an all new version of LeadDeck, our realtime prospect and visitor monitor.

All new LeadDeck UI

LeadDeck now scrolls sideways and updates in realtime (as opposed to the near-realtime of the previous version). The animations are also now very smooth. The app is no longer reloading/refreshing but rather simply adding new cards as there are new activities. If there are multiple activities by a single visitor or prospect, the cards will rearrange themselves to stack on top of one another.

You can use the icons above each slider to pause them if needed, change their settings, delete them, or toggle notifications on or off. Note that if you use OS X Lion, you will not be able to use the notifications that appear in the top right of your desktop.

New LeadDeck UI

Drill in to prospect details

Clicking on a prospect or visitor will display including previous activities, location, email address and more. If you use a CRM connector, you can also click the CRM logo (either on the main screen or after drilling down) to jump to the associated lead or contact record in your CRM.

LeadDeck Drilldown

Create your own sliders

This version of LeadDeck allows you to add your own sliders. First select what sort of visitors or prospects you would like to monitor. Then choose the type of activities to watch (or leave blank to monitor all activities). Finally choose the geographies to which you would like to restrict monitoring (or leave blank for all geographies).

Customize Slider

What to expect next?

  • Mobile and tablet UIs
  • More filter criteria (score, grade, field values, etc.)