Introducing the New Salesforce Connector

Pardot and Salesforce are becoming even more closely aligned — and we’re thrilled to announce a new Salesforce connector that will be released to all customers over the next couple of weeks. With the new connector, there will be no impact on your Salesforce API limits when prospect records sync between Pardot and Salesforce.

So, what does this mean for you? If you’re an existing Pardot customer, you’ll need to update your Salesforce connector to opt into these changes. There are several areas where you can make this update: by clicking on the banner message at the top of the Connectors page, or by clicking on the action cog icon on the Connectors table and selecting “Update.”

New Pardot customers will need to set up the Salesforce connector by clicking “Add Connector” from the Connectors page. This will allow you to use your Salesforce credentials to log in and give Pardot permission to access your account. You can then customize your connector settings as you would normally, and save your new connector. You can see what this process looks like below (click here to expand the video):