Now Available: Simplified Email Saving

I’m excited to announce that today we’re introducing a set of enhancements to our email editor to streamline the process of saving emails, and make it easier for multiple users to avoid colliding while editing emails.  

Email marketing is an important channel for Pardot customers, and many devote multiple resources to creating and managing emails. Sometimes this results in multiple marketers attempting to edit the same email template simultaneously, which can result in one user overwriting the changes another user just made.

In the past, Pardot handled this situation on a first come, first served basis, meaning that if two users had the same email open for editing, updates would be made when a user clicked “Save Draft and Exit.” The enhancements we’re introducing today make it easier for users to edit emails without bumping into another user, and make it more intuitive to save work at the right time.

The first major enhancement we’re introducing is that only one user will be allowed to edit an email draft or email template draft at a time. If a user attempts to open an email draft or email template draft that is open for editing by another user, the second user will see a lock icon next to that email and a message that the email is being edited by another user. The lock will be released when the first user navigates away from the email or closes their browser, or, if that user does not close the email, it will be released automatically after 24 hours. Additionally, Admins will be able to close open editing sessions in the case that a user needs to edit an email that has been left open.

We’ve also made the process of saving emails more intuitive with a change to the UI. Until now, when editing emails, users saw two options to save their work that behaved differently: the “Save” button and the “Save Draft and Exit” button. These two buttons were designed to accommodate multiple users editing an email simultaneously. The “Save” button let users save their changes locally — they could click “Save” and leave to come back later, but other users wouldn’t see those changes yet. Only clicking “Save Draft and Exit” would push their changes to the centralized version of the email so that any other collaborators would see them. We heard from customers that having the two buttons was confusing and sometimes resulted in them overwriting each other’s changes. With this set of enhancements, we’ve removed the “Save Draft and Exit” button to make it more intuitive. Now when users click “Save” their work will automatically be saved so all users can see the changes.

To learn more about these enhancements, visit the Knowledge Base. And as always, continue to share your feedback on the Idea Exchange here.

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5 thoughts on “Now Available: Simplified Email Saving

  • Like that it is locked but I liked save draft and exit, almost accidentally clicked delete a couple of times now instead

  • Lost many emails when they were clobbered before. So this could be a vast improvement. Thanks!

  • This is fantastic news. Pardot deserves a hug for finally implementing Admin rights for canceling editing sessions.

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