Introducing the Pardot + Salesforce1 Integration

If you’re a part of the Salesforce family, or attending this year’s Dreamforce conference, then you’ve heard about the “internet of customers.” Behind every device and every app, there’s a customer hoping to sell, service, and market in our new hyperconnected world.

With the introduction of Salesforce1,’s new customer platform (downloadable as a mobile app), developers, software vendors, and customers across the world can connect every device, every app, and all of their customer data using new APIs and mobile tools — making Salesforce1 the fastest way to connect everything, everywhere.

As a part of the family, Pardot has already been integrated into this next-generation platform. By downloading the Salesforce1 app, you will be able to see a list of your Pardot lead and contact records from within the app, including information like Pardot scores, grades, campaigns, comments, notes, and more.

Salesforce1 Left Navigation

 2013-11-17 11.26.43

After viewing a lead or contact record in Salesforce1, you can load three “cards”: activities, lists, and social information. You can drill into each of these to see more specifics, including email lists, social profile information, and a log of activities — all while you’re on the go.

Pardot Prospect Activities

Social Data

2013-11-17 11.27.40

In addition to integrating with Pardot, Salesforce1 will also allow you to do the following:

  • Put sales, service, and marketing data at users’ fingertips.

  • Instantly bring customizations like workflow, permissions, and sharing settings to mobile.

  • All custom objects, fields, and any app you’ve integrated or built declaratively can now be accessed on mobile.

  • Access the apps you’ve downloaded from the AppExchange from anywhere.

Note: existing Pardot clients will need to update their Pardot appexchange package to add the new Visualforce elements. See more about how to use Pardot in Salesforce1 here.

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