Introducing Pardot Folders

You asked for a better way to organize your marketing content, and we’re here to deliver.

We’re excited to announce that over the next several weeks we’re releasing a huge update to our product, called Folders. Folders are a helpful organizational feature that will house your campaigns, emails, content, and other marketing assets together. They’ll work intuitively to let you segment and nest your marketing content in a variety of ways that make sense for your team, so that you can experience richer organization and an improved browsing experience within Pardot.

Once folders are toggled on, they must be added to most marketing content. Initially, your content will be placed in an uncategorized folder, and our introductory wizard will walk you through the necessary steps to structure your folders. You will be able to rename the uncategorized folder, add sub-folders, and create new folders (please note: the folders introductory is only designed to be used once by the person that will initially enable/setup folders for the account. The overall folder structure helper will therefore only be available to be used one time).

Meet Pardot's Folders- name first folder.

When you first build your overarching folder structure, you can choose to use the Visual Mode or the Advanced mode. Visual Mode is a graphical interface that lets you build out, name, and organize your folders using the editor, while Advanced Mode lets you hand code your folder structure.

Folders must be applied and used account-wide, just like campaigns. Any time you create a new piece of content, you will associate a folder with that content in Step 1 of the form, landing page, email, or email template wizard.

With Folders, you can drag and drop to move multiple items into a folder at once, view individual content stats at a glance, and favorite the folders that you use the most often so that they show up in the main nav.

folder button

To learn more about managing your folders and categorizing your content, please see our more in-depth article on the Knowledge Base.

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21 thoughts on “Introducing Pardot Folders

  • Hi Adam,

    This is awesome! When will this be enabled for all users? I currently do not see it in my account.


    – Shum

    • Thanks Shum! We’ll be slowly rolling it over the next few weeks and notifying folks as it happens with their account.

  • Is foldering purely aesthetic or can logic also nest under folders. For example, can you set automation rules to only apply to the constituents in a folder?

    • Hi Charlie, this is for organization only for assets (not prospects) like landing pages, email templates, etc. It will also eventually determine permissions (so a folder can be locked down so your team in Germany couldn’t see French assets for example).

      To do what you describe, you could use tags (e.g. make a condition in a rule that only prospects with a certain tag or are on a certain list should be affected).

    • Hi Jamie, it will be part of a separate release. We want to give folders some time to marinate — huge change for our clients to go from tag based organization (or none at all) to all of a sudden having a folder structure. We’ll then add permissions to the mix, which will feel Google Docs-ish.

  • Adam, I am SO EXCITED about this! I haven’t been this stoked about a Pardot update since the Wistia connector, though all of the updates rock, of course. Thanks, Pardot team, for building this awesome feature!

    • I’m excited about your excitement — and your fancy new gig. Congrats. I look forward to all of the great things you will do for our clients as a marketing automation expert!

  • AWESOME!! I cannot wait to have this functionality. We market to six different channels and this will make a huge difference in being able to view, sort, organize!!

    • You will be able to modify your structure at any time. There is just an initial wizard that helps you go from nothing to something and adds a tool to make that a little easier. You will always be able to add new folders, rearrange them, etc. just as you would in Google Docs, Box, etc. in the future so no worries there.

  • I notified my whole team about this, I am so excited that this file structure is coming in the next few weeks. Can’t wait to implement it!

  • This is so exciting!! I’ve been requesting and waiting for folders for a year now! Can’t wait to implement in our system. Best news ever!

  • This is really exciting and I can’t wait to start organizing my files. I was just looking at the files the other day thinking it would be great if I could find a way to make it easy to sort through them. Thanks!

  • STOKED! The one thing I’ve always gotten upset about with pardot is it’s organization. It’s bad when you really want to drill down or find that one prospect from that one campaign…Good luck. But this is a great thing! Now lets work on that landing page builder.

  • Thank you Adam for implementing this.

    Remember when we talked about this idea about 6 years ago? : )

    It’s of course better than I imagined, but that doesn’t surprise me. Your team is always overachieving and creating really useful features. Keep it rolling!

  • The obsessive/compulsive nature in me just can’t wait for this feature!!!
    When and how will we know when the feature is turned on for our instance?

    Thanks again!

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