Introducing Folder Permissions

Earlier this year, we introduced Pardot Folders to help you organize your marketing content in a way that makes sense for you. Now, we’re excited to introduce Folder Permissions, which will give you customizable control over the groups that can access the content housed within your Folders. This feature will be rolling out the week of September 29th.

Protect your content by assigning access to specific user groups. You can lock down access by department, region, business unit, and even custom groups like third party development shops. While this feature is only available to customers who have purchased Custom User Roles, you don’t have to have Custom User Roles set up to use Folder Permissions. Just make sure that you’ve organized your content in Folders and have set up User Groups.

Take a look at the GIF below to get a quick overview of setting up Folder Permissions.

Get more information on Folder Permissions in our Knowledge Base article.