Now Available: Improvements to Hard Bounce and Opt-out Syncing with Salesforce

It may be the end of the year, but we’re still working hard to improve Pardot based on customer feedback! Today, we’re pleased to announce that we will be releasing a highly requested update to our hard bounce and opt out syncing with Salesforce. This adjustment will involve updates to both default mapping and data clean up, and should address several issues brought to our attention in our Idea Exchange.

You can expect several syncing updates, including a new custom field on leads and contacts in Salesforce called ‘Pardot Hard Bounced’ that will be updated whenever a record has five soft bounces or one hard bounce from a Pardot or Salesforce Engage email. See the full list of new mappings below:

How will hard bounces and opt outs sync moving forward?

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.05.30 PM

This new default mapping should provide clarity around true bounces and unsubscribes, and prevent unsubscribe rates from being skewed. Furthermore, if you have bounce management enabled in Salesforce, we will begin syncing the ‘Bounce Reason’ and ‘Bounce Date’ fields to Salesforce, so you can leverage Salesforce’s bounce reporting.

In addition to these changes, we’ll begin cleaning up customers’ data so unsubscribes are more accurately reflected in both Pardot and Salesforce. This clean-­up process will run on both unarchived and archived prospects in Pardot, but it will not unarchive the archived records.

For more details on how the fields will be mapped and the goals of our data clean up job, please visit our updated Knowledge Base article or check out our FAQ document.