Import History and Drill-down

Good news! We’ve enhanced our import process to store a history of all imports, as well as the particular new or updated prospects included in that import. This makes tasks like going back to a previous import to tag, segment, or filter those prospects much easier.

The import log lives on the first page of the Import Wizard, and can be filtered to show only your imports, or imports by any user:

Import Log in the Import Wizard

Additionally, you can drill in to each past import and filter the prospects based on whether they were created or updated (because they already existed) during the import:

Filtering the Import Report by Created/Updated

Last but not least, the import notification email has been enhanced to link directly to this report.

Note: This feature is not retroactive and began tracking import history beginning July 23, 2012.

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9 thoughts on “Import History and Drill-down

  • Great new feature! Will this history be applied to the prospect’s profile as well? For example, could there be a tab within the prospect audit that shows all imports that affected that prospect and whether they were created by it or updated?

    • Great idea, Matt! It was such a good idea we went ahead and knocked this out as well – you can now see this at the bottom of the prospect audits.

      Click on a prospect and then click the “audits” submenu on the left hand side under the prospect’s name. Scroll to the bottom and it’ll be right there.


    • Awesome — this is very helpful. Are there any plans to further enhance this feature? Such as adding the data to prospect exports or having the ability to modify an entry in the import history (rename, delete, etc.)?

    • Matt,

      I’d love to hear a little more about how you’d like to export this data, and then what you’d be using it for.

      As far as editing the import history, that sounds like it could get confusing pretty quick. Again, I’d love to learn more about what sort of problem this would solve for you.


    • Being able to export the data/run automation rules off of it (as if it were a multiple-recorded-response field) would be useful from a flexibility standpoint. Just having it available in a full export that would show a column titled “Import History” and then each file name (e.g. FileA.cvs,FileB.cvs) would be even more visibility into our prospect management.

      Regarding the editing portion, that’s really more for the sake of not letting the import history get too cluttered. There’s a lot of imports I want to see, but there’s also a lot of little imports I don’t want to see. And if you’re not careful from the get-go with the naming of the imports, you can wind up with a confusing list that can’t be modified.

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