Drag-and-drop bulk upload

Uploading files one by one is a drag. The new way to upload files is also a drag… drag and drop that is (see what I did there?). You can now drag over multiple files at once and drop them on the “drop zone” area to upload them simultaneously. If any of the files are images, Pardot will display thumbnails once the upload completes. You will also get quick access to an edit link, the URL, and short URL for each file.

As someone who once uploaded 300 files one-by-one, I can say that I am really excited about this feature.

Bulk File Upload


  1. Bulk upload does not allow you to assign any additional attributes to the file like tags or a vanity url during the actual upload. If you want to assign tags or a vanity urls to each file, use the traditional “Add file” button above the datatable or edit the files after uploading them.
  2. IE9 and below cannot select multiple files at once due to limitations with Internet Explorer (rumor is that IE10 will allow this). The bulk uploader still works, but only 1 file at a time can be selected.
  3. Note that there is no need to zip files (in fact uploading a zip file will keep the file stored as a zip rather than unpack them). Simply drag and drop normal, unzipped files.

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