Export Individual Drip Program Reports

You asked to be able to export your drip program reports, and we took your Idea Exchange submission and turned it into a reality. Now, instead of having to screenshot your data to share with your team, you can export it as a .CSV file.

Drip campaign reports show you the number of prospects that have completed each step of your drip program, the number of prospects that have been sent each email within the program, the number of bounced emails, total clicks, and click-through rates for all of your drip emails. Now, you can export this data as an easily-accessible .CSV file, save it locally, and share it with anyone at your company, instead of requiring a Pardot user seat to view. You can even adjust the date range for more specific reports, if desired.

To export an individual campaign report, you’ll simply navigate to the desired drip program report and click the “Export Report as CSV” button to immediately begin downloading the .CSV report.

export drip report as csv

Learn more about this new feature and how to use it in our Knowledge Base article.

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