Exciting Updates from the Pardot Professional Services Team

Earlier this year, we announced Pardot Professional Services — a team of people dedicated to supporting clients with custom solutions that apply Pardot expertise to your business challenges. We have seen a lot of success with custom front-end development and training.

We are thrilled to formally roll out the expansion of our team to include strategic consulting. You may remember seeing this from our last post in the “What we’re thinking about next” category. This is an exciting initiative that has already achieved success with several early client engagements:

“After using Pardot for some time, I asked my rep at Pardot to provide us with a Pardot-knowledgeable consultant to help us with auditing our set up around profiles, scoring, grading and nurturing and get us set up 100% optimally. We had a great experience working with Professional Services. They were very professional, highly responsive and knowledgeable about marketing automation and how the Pardot system works. We are now in great shape and running our campaigns smoothly.

Carmen Arnevik, Senior Marketing Director, DreamBox Learning

How did we put together our strategic consulting packages? We asked you what you needed. Based on tons of client feedback and the development of marketing automation best practices across four key areas (see below), we have created consulting packages for every marketer.

Four Key Areas

  • Lead Management: includes lead collection, scoring, grading, and assignment. It’s not enough to score and grade leads; make your results actionable.
  • Lead Nurturing: includes prospect segmentation, lead nurturing, and campaign automation. Put Pardot to work for you.
  • Tactical Marketing: includes marketing assets such as forms, landing pages, emails, and their effectiveness. Or get help cleaning up and organizing your Pardot account and marketing process.
  • Reporting & Analytics: includes Pardot & CRM reporting. What to measure, how to do it, and answering the age old question, “so what?”

And Three Levels of Customization

  • Assess: Focuses on evaluation of current practices using a scorecard to communicate program sophistication and promote industry best practices
  • Engage: Builds on the assessment by providing for custom best practice recommendations in a personalized presentation
  • Transform: Involves strategic work that may adjust or build marketing initiatives; deliverables range from a strategic roadmap to full program implementation

Check out our overview sheet below to get a glance at what our packages offer (to view at full size, right click and open in a new window). Don’t see a package that’s perfect for you? That’s okay — we do custom work too. Get in touch with your advocate or pardotproservices@salesforce.com if you’re ready to dive in and take your marketing to the next level with Pardot Professional Services.

professional services packages

Note: Pardot Professional Services has been discontinued, effective May 1, 2014. Questions? Contact your Client Advocate or reach out to pardotpartners@salesforce.com for more information.