New email reports: skims, reads, glances, and forwards and recipient device type

We have just added a few new email reports to our advanced email package that show engagement and also the devices and email clients used by your recipients. The new reports are available on two new tabs inside of the list email report. If your account does not yet have the advanced email package, please contact your client advocate for details.

Note: We started collecting specialized data for the two new reports last Friday so list emails sent before that may not show the two additional tabs, even if you have the advanced email package enabled on your account.

Engagement report

Open rate can be a useful metric but don’t you want to go beyond that and see if your email was actually read? Now you can. This new report shows you what percentage of recipients who opened your email (loaded images) actually read it (had it open for 10 seconds or more), skimmed it (had it open for 2-10 seconds), or glanced at / didn’t read it (had it open for less than 2 seconds). You can also see how many people forwarded your email (using the forward button in the email client rather than having to rely on a “forward to a friend” link) or printed it. Hint: no one prints emails except my dad.

We only report on this data in aggregate so you cannot see which of your opening prospects glanced vs read at this time, only what percentage of each there were.

Email Engagement Report

Report on the devices / email clients your recipients use

Knowing what devices or email clients your prospects use can clue you in to where to spend your design time. If you know that almost none of your prospects use a certain client, you know that you don’t need to beat your head into your desk trying to make your email pretty for it. On the flip side, if you see that a significant portion of your recipients open their emails on a mobile device, make sure to have a simple template, use responsive design, or include a link to a mobile version of your content.

Again, we report on this data in aggregate so you cannot see which of your opening prospects are using which device — only the totals.

Email Client / Device Report

New report format

While we were adding those two new reports, we took the opportunity to make the basic report prettier. We present three important stats in a heads up view so that you can see them at a glance (you can also drill into them by clicking on the numbers) and also present the link clicks higher on the page. This new design is available to all clients.

New Email Report Format