Email Preferences Page Link Can Now be Substituted for Unsubscribe Link in Emails

We have an exciting new change to announce! The Unsubscribe tag is now optional in Pardot emails; instead, clients can substitute the Email Preferences link to manage unsubscribes (note: either the Unsubscribe tag or the Email Preferences link MUST be present). This change is still CAN-SPAM compliant.

This is cool for a number of reasons. First, email recipients can still unsubscribe using the Email Preferences page (the unsubscribe link will only show on the Email Preferences page if the page is being viewed from an email). Second, it’s a good option for clients with robots crawling their unsubscribe links and auto-unsubscribing their clients. And third, instead of opting out of all communications, prospects and clients can visit the Email Preferences page to add or remove only certain lists.

Any email preference page can be used in place of the unsubscribe link in emails–this includes custom email preference pages!

We will still be validating emails to check for either the Email Preferences link or the unsubscribe tag.

Keep an eye out for additional training opportunities focused on the Email Preferences page!