Drip Nurturing “Jump to Step” Action

When building drip nurturing programs, we often came across scenarios where it’d be useful to either jump forward or re-combine branches. A good example of this is when a prospect opens one of your emails, you may want to notify a user, but then continue the rest of the drip program logic. Alternatively, you may want to skip forward to the “conclusion” of a drip nurturing program if a prospect interacts with an email in a particular way.

Today, we’re excited to formally announce the ability to jump forward to any “future” email send step:

Drip "Jump to Step" in Action

This more flexible control over the flow of prospects through drip programs really opens up the possibilities for us to add a ton more options for conditional branches based on field values, activities, or other actionable data Pardot is already gathering for you.

What ideas do you have for using this new option? What additional options are you excited to see added to Pardot drip nurturing programs in the future?