Designate Email Template Types

You create a lot of email templates in Pardot. Some of them are for drip programs (lead nurturing), some of them or for list emails, some are for auto-responders, and sometimes they are one-to-one emails that your sales reps might want to send. You can now designate the usage or type for email templates and they will only show up in drop downs for that purpose (e.g. you will only see email templates designated for drip programs when working on your lead nurturing campaigns). This will really cut down the number of irrelevant email templates you see when working on your various marketing campaigns (e.g. you don’t want to see list emails when choosing an autoresponder template for a form).

How to set an email template type

You can choose one or more email types when creating or editing an email template.

Choosing an Email Template Type

You can also enable or disable templates for various purposes in bulk by using the multi-select option on the email template table.

Batch Email Type Change

How to find emails set as a various type

Email Template Type Filter


  • All of your existing templates are set to all four types. To start organizing these by type, simply use the batch edit action on the email template table and start disabling types.
  • Going forward, you will need to designate at least one usage type when creating an email template.