Dependent Form Fields in the Form Builder

Another day, another awesome Pardot feature enhancement! Continuing our focus on making our content-building tools the best out there, we’ve added the ability to set up form field dependencies right in the form builder.

This is easiest to understand with a quick example: let’s say you want to ask a prospect about their geographic information (country/state/zip), and you get a good mix of domestic (United States) and international traffic. Every savvy marketer knows that fewer form fields mean a higher conversion rate, so we only want to ask the prospect for their state and zip if they indicate they’re located in the U.S. Furthermore, since our lead routing in the U.S. is based on that information, we need it to be required, but for international prospects we’d like to ignore it.

The new dependent form field options in the Pardot form builder make this a cinch to accomplish. Start by adding the “Country” field, then select the “Dependent” section in the field configuration dialog and have it only display the “State” and “Zip Code” fields when “United States” is chosen.

Dependent Form Fields

Want to show a “Territory” field when “Canada” is selected? Not a problem either – a field can have multiple mutually exclusive dependencies!


To make things a little more clear, we have renamed what were previously called Conditional Fields to Progressive Profiling and put those settings on their own tab.

Progressive Profiling Settings